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China says Japan nuclear stockpile move step in right direction


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I read the headline, and a smile crept across my face: could China really be complementing Japan? Could this be the first step to a more friendlier relationship? A more peaceful Asia?

Then I read the article. China never ceases to disappoint me.

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My account of China's statement??? China is a country that should be stripped of any devices or materials that could be used against another since they are the main aggressors against all in the region and which could be the main aggressor towards the entire world! These leaders of China have no concerns of human life what so ever and based solely on the leader's own power and domination of their people and of all others. They are worse than parasites! They need some n!uclear material shoved up their asterisk

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China have : -Deficits in memory skills -Difficulty learning social rules -Difficulty with problem solving skills -Delays in the development of adaptive behaviors such as self-help or self-care skills -Lack of social inhibitors -Agressive in nature, prone to outbursts -always getting into fights with the neighbors -Stealing, taking what does not belong to them.

Official Diagnosis, Mr. Mao Zedong, your China is mentally challenged. he have a mental disability.

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Has China openly accounted for it's own nuclear stockpile? As a country that has openly talked about it's "ability to nuke U.S. cities" this far more a concern to many people than plutonium in countries like Japan, Belgium and Italy.

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I wonder how many nukes Japan could have built. I guess China was worried too.

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Good to make the PRC uncertain, look at the Ukraine and the fruits of giving up their weapons. Add Libya who gave up their weapons of mass destruction for "peace". Now when the Democratic Peoples of Korea is approached to give up their weapons, is it a surprise the response is "go frack yourself"? Anyhow Libya and Ukraine shows what the American word is worth.

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Secrecy bill. Cause everybody knows that we are building our nuclear weapons. Cause everybody know that out IIIA rocket is for niclear delivery. And our project hope was for reentry technology.

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Sorry, but stockpiled plutonium can't be gotten rid of because of the nuclear power village. If they get rid of the stocked plutonium, then all of their assets will be gone, which will cause the electric companies to go bankrupt.

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