China temporarily detains Japanese embassy staffer


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What was he doing? A honey trap gone wrong? Since no details have been provided, it is impossible to comment. Who is bad???

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It doesn’t matter what the diplomat was doing-they cannot be detained.

The Chinese police were wrong to do so.

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“Detained? - Investigated and questioned “after acting inappropriately?

“the diplomat was detained Mon afternoon while on legitimate official business.[and]was released a few hours later after exchanges with Chinese authorities and was not physically harmed.”

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Just play the same China game. Arrest Chinese staffers at their embassy in Japan, give no reason for the arrest and totally deny it was in retaliation for the arrest in China.

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This is china !

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China No regards to international law. Diplomats can’t be arrested or detained.

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If China can do it to a Japanese diplomat, just imagine what it can do to powerless individuals.

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Isn't there the idea of diplomatic immunity in China? Sudden disappearance of people is very common there though...

Let's see what will come next: A video clip is released showing the diplomat looking exhausted and apologetic about his "wrongdoing" (doesn't matter what specifically it is). He is seeking the mercy from Chairman Xi. This scripted confession is aired nationwide in China.

Any counter-response by Japan? Hold hostage the newborn panda twins loaned in the Ueno zoo for negotiations over a possible swap. Beijing can't stand :P

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diplomatic immunity, if china want to break international laws , then they shouldnt be surprised when their diplomats are detailed in other countries

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China Russia - Russia China = no difference. Playground bullies both of them. Time to boycott China

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Not condoning it but even if it was one of those crimes @Reckless 6:26pm, diplomats get a “*Get out of Jail, Free!*card*: *

*- “Drunk driving, rape?” -*

Ratified in 1961 by 187 countries, the Vienna Convention stipulated “diplomats shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention”, protecting them from criminal prosecution.

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Just play the same China game. Arrest Chinese staffers at their embassy in Japan, give no reason for the arrest and totally deny it was in retaliation for the arrest in China.

Nope. Won't happen.

Japan should not stoop to China's level.

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Few exceptions but recall back in 1999 Japan did the right thing and waived the diplomatic immunity of their Consul-General to Canada for calling his wife-beating there “No big thing. She deserved it. It’s a cultural thing.” He was arrested and plead guilty but given an “absolute discharge” by the Canadian court.

Japan gave him a pay cut when he returned home.

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It’s clear the nicer you are to them, the more difficult they are..

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One law for China and one for everyone else. Get used to. If China gets it's way that sort of ignoring international conventions, laws and rules will be the norm. They expect everyone else to honor them when it comes to dealing with China, but it in no way see's those rules applying to their behavior.

Diplomatic immunity means that you expel anyone found doing something questionable or wrong.

China the bully.

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Strange timing for an obvious display of power, is it related to the olympics? the Ukraine situation? something unrelated?

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If someone commits an offence they will be detained and questioned. At which point they may claim diplomatic immunity. If the offence is serious, a request may be made to their embassy to waive this immunity. This is usually denied. At which point the individual is released and usually sent home by their employer, even in cases of rape. You cannot just show a diplomatic ID and expect the police to let you walk away from the scene of a crime as your paperwork could be fake.

In London, diplomats ignore all parking restrictions, park where they want, and never pay fines. The solution for locals is to key their expensive cars. If a diplomat assaults you, you won't get justice, but you can take your revenge on the spot, as they will not want the incident to go to court and will not file charges.

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Sad that this happened. Maybe having ALL Chinese visitors and especially their diplomatic visitors have COVID testing by anal swab to ensure they are not carrying the virus while entering, traveling in, and leaving Japan.

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It added that Japan should respect China's laws and strictly manage the behaviour of its diplomats.

This would suggest that the diplomat was showing disrespect to Chinese laws. A diplomat should know better. Maybe he should be transferred to another government department.

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Russian diplomats in London own tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid parking fines and others.

Crucial information that is absolutely key to understanding the situation at hand,

Thank you, Zichi.

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Very important question, where was this diplomat detained??! Inside or outside the Japanese embassy???

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Just another example that China doesn't understand what laws mean. Took us years to get the two Canadian Michaels back

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Diplomats can be detained and questioned if they commit a criminal act while performing their duties. Diplomatic immunity is not omnipotent.

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It's hard to say but it would not surprise me if this Japanese diplomat was either talking to someone who is maybe not in the good graces of the CCP listening to their story of the joys of living in a police state and/or some inside scoop on the inner workings of the CCP, or perhaps the diplomat was taking photos of something sensitive? We'll maybe know more if in a day or three if said diplomat is declared persona non grata by the Chinese, or is sent home by the Foreign Ministry for misconduct.

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Diplomats can be detained and questioned if they commit a criminal act while performing their duties. Diplomatic immunity is not omnipotent.

Unless the diplomat's nation waives their immunity or the host nation simply ignores the Vienna Convention, which depending on what they do could be an act of war, it is sort of omnipotent. The only sanction the host nation has is expel the diplomat as "persona non grata".

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Detained only if they are caught. They’re usually spirited out of the country quickly.

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