China winds could carry childhood disease to Japan


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Prevailing winds blow from the Himalayas across China and into Japan. Yellow dust is carried over Korea and Japan in huge quantities every year, and for many years these dust clouds have been recognized as carrying many other particulates within them, like chemicals and heavy metals. 2.5 ppm pollution clouds from China have also been a growing problem in recent years over Korea and Japan, so much so that cities like Fukuoka have had to close schools on bad days, much as in Los Angeles in the 70's and 80's.

The only thing new in this study is to propose that the pathogen for Kawasaki Disease, of hitherto unknown origins, might not also be blown over within all of the other stuff. What's the big deal?

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Airborne fungal Candida causes disease in those individuals that have weak immune systems. Putting it down to not eating proper diets, the need of eating more natto and/or yogurt presents a simplistic view. Each individual reacts differently to foreign invaders. Consider this: the use of antibiotics in agriculture in China is estimated to be 10x the amount used in the U.S. China is the largest user of antibiotics in the world not just in agriculture, but also in humans. That can't be healthy, in fact it has been established as being definitely unhealthy. 4 out of 10 children infected with the candida fungus die. And realizing the cause is blown in by seasonal winds from a country far away is worrying. KD occurs worldwide, but is mostly observed in Japan and Korea.

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China’s environmental protection records are absolutely terrible, it must be addressed seriously as the pollutions not only hurt its own people on its own air, lands, waterways but also its neighbors.

However, Japan is not a totally innocent victim either, it lets highly radioactive water run into Pacific Ocean regularly, some of the radioactive materials have reached the west coast of the US.

We only have one earth and one atmosphere, any harm done to the local environment sooner or later would cross the borderlines.

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Is this factual? Is this propaganda? I like Japan. I'm on Japan's side in issues against China. Yet, something in the story gets my critical-thinking skills thinking.

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In the title, China winds "could carry" ...sounds as if they have not so far, as tmarie takes it, but that there is a future possibility of them doing so.

It does not really reflect the contents of the article, however, which propose that the winds actually have been carrying these pathogens for many years.

China winds "may be carrying" ...would be closer, IMHO.

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the Chinese in order to sell their goods poisonous to the whole world overshadows the lives of their citizens and those of other Chinese pigs, ah they are invading us in Italy

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Since Kawasaki disease was "discovered" in Japan, is it possible that this disease actually originated from Japan

Don't be silly, nothing bad or evil originates in Japan, didn't you get the memo?

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We all carry candida fungus around with us in our gut. It is when it gets out of balance with the others and takes over do we have problems. Diet is the main cause. These youngsters should start eating natto, yogurt or drink a Yakult once in a while. That will help the "good" fungus make a comeback and knock down the candida. I bet the affected here are heavy into a western diet.

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"Could" carry. Chicken little! Let's all scream and blame China. As usual.

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Since Kawasaki disease was "discovered" in Japan, is it possible that this disease actually originated from Japan, then the Kamikaze Wind blew whatever that was carrying or mimicking this disease eastward or westward and infected the people elsewhere, then their winds blow back to Japan?

1967 in China probably doesn't have that much pollution compared to 1967 Japan. Has anyone found out whether these toxins were actually formed that directly caused the disease instead of finding out what's "similar" or mimicking the disease.

And if this disease originated from China, then I think a whole lot more children in the 40s and 50s should have them since that's the great retreat by Japanese in China back to Japan. Not 20-30 years after. Or the Japanese could have contracted the disease in China or elsewhere they invaded and brought them back home.

Unless there is concrete evidence on "That's the alpha omega that caused it", then this whole article is useless.

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This sounds scary....

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Disillusioned : The disease was discovered by Mr. Kawasaki, that's were it got its name. That being said, this so called "report" seem quite bias, with very few facts. It's caused by Candida's, which is part of the natural flora in all of our bodies. There are people all over the world with Candida's imbalances, this report is trying to put the blame ALL on China, though they aren't showing any proof or facts from the study. I'm not defending China's environmental practices but typically, Candida comes from local sources rather than abroad.

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I really wonder if any of the posters above read the article or just glanced at the title, and the bashing instinct kicked in. This is a scientific study performed by leading researchers at UCSD medical centre (and not by some Japanese complaining against the Chinese), and published in a top scientific journal (PNAS) after rigorous peer review (and not on some internet site or gossip magazine).

And yeah, it's called "Kawasaki disease" because a Japanese guy called Kawasaki described it first.

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And Japanese complain about Chinese propaganda......pot-kettle-black!

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If Abe got stomach upset, it is because of the contamination of imported China food.

If Mount Fuji erupted, it is the because of the offshore minining exporation of China

If Fukushima rice contaminated with radio active watse, it was because of fertilizer from China.

If elderly choked after eating Mochi, it is the fault of imported wheat from China.

If Kawasaki Ltd ceasing the production of motor cycles it is because of the unfair dumping from China.

If Kawasaki workers lost the jobs, it is because of China stealing of the Japan technology.

If Bullet train derailed on the line, it is because of the fault of wind from China.

If Japan got the acid rain, it is because of the fault of carbon gas from China.

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Downvoting a correction to a typo? Biased much?

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Interesting, so ingesting radionuclide has been ruled out has it?

From this perspective

Europe, North America

and Japan appear to be wilfully blind to even investigating any correlation.

Health data on ingesting radionuclide is referenced from studies of nuclear bombs used in WWII and compiled immediately after by US Military Bloc in the 1940s.

There is no current independent health data* referencing radionuclide ingestion independent of the IAEA.

*If anyone can post any it would be appreciated.

Kawasaki disease -

Kawasaki correlation? > Nuclear Plants -

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Yeah, blame China! It's quite odd that's it's called, Kawasaki disease. Isn't that a Japanese word?

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Should have been "infesting and imbalancing" above.

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CCTV may not report everything, but I hope it becomes available again soon. We must protect ourselves with masks.

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Are we sure it is not from nuclear fallout in the food chain.

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This article is a condensed version of other more complete reports on the study.

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where in the article does it state that the scientists think it's related to farmland? the article only mentions that "something must have changed in northeastern China since the 1960s." of course this report is inconclusive, but they have narrowed it down to four areas of the world, china, japan, hawaii and the western seaboard of the US.

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Whatever BAD Things crops up in Japan, it becomes now a proven discovery all bad things come from CHINA. I don't think these kind of people could built a civilised and beautiful country.

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For many years reading the Daily Yomiuri (I no longer do) I kept noticing the frequency of reports of 'biological foreign invasion'...usually plants and animals infesting and I balancing the harmony of the ecosystem of Japan. I always felt this was a metaphor for the general populace's 'fear of the foreign.'

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Back when I was in china i couldnt ever see the sun. So many smog. Its horrible. I couldnt take off my mask.

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Think China might legitimately be more worried about radiated water and air coming from Japan.

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Is this scenario a seriously scientific claim? I was told by a work mate that the Chinese were are also responsible many earthquakes.

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Farmland in the areas of China reportedly linked in this theory are frozen and dormant in winter when many cases throughout the world are reported. Cleaning chemicals were claimed as the culprit years ago.

This study is inconclusive.

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Great! More crap from China.

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