Chinese coast guard ships in disputed waters


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This isn't even news anymore.

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Japan's position is, of course, that those waters are not disputed.

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The PRC itself is not legitimate.

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Japan should just sink those ships once and for all. The aggression by China will only continue until one day they invade. Historically they have done these actions again and again, remember Tibet? Besides the Chinese will not flinch to even respond aggressively if Japan does take action to protect itself. But lets call a spade a spade and talk about the root issue. Japan wants a full blown military. That by no means is a secret.

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Japan should just sink those ships once and for all.

and in your opinion, that wouldn't be an "excuse" to start a war ? With Abe's relentless, constant provocation, sinking two Chinese ships would be a good solution ???

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If China owns the Senkaku islands as they claim, why do they play ding dong ditch all the time?

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I like it how silly the west governments are...Living in there dream world. A wars will happen and as japans is a allied country, we will 100% have to act. This means we are going to see China 100% have some kind of sensations on them.

What are they doing to pre-pear to make up for china's drop off? Nothing.

Its easy. Look at what they make and has growth. We build it in India and prepare 2 cut them off.

What they will do it cut them off seeing the economy react badly. We will see jobs lost around the world.

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Sorry rightwingers, common sense seems to have prevailed

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Ossan: "This isn't even news anymore."

Of course not. Spit on someone, they're going to get upset. I'm surprised it was ever news to you at all.

It's no coincidence this comes just after the ingenious visits to Yasukuni.

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A wars will happen and as japans is a allied country, we will 100% have to act.

The US does have a commitment to the international community to nuke Japan for claiming territories outside of what was defined in the various WWII peace treaties/agreements drafted/signed by the US government including the Potsdam Declaration (terms of surrender for Japan), Japanese Instrument of Surrender and the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

And so do other signatories of the various agreements including China and Russia since the Potsdam Declaration (terms of surrender for Japan) says:

"Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we (US, UK, China and Russia) determine." And "The 

And the Japanese Instrument of Surrender says:

"We, acting by command of and in behalf of the Emperor of Japan, the Japanese Government and the Japanese imperial General Headquarters, hereby accept the provisions set forth in the declaration issued by the heads of the Governments of the United States, China and Great Britain on 26 July 1945, at Potsdam, and subsequently adhered to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which four powers are hereafter referred to as the Allied Powers.

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@Guru29 Excellent point, Guru29, except that the PRC is not a party to the Potsdam Declaration. So sorry. Try not to cry too much.

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This ain't gonna end well. Sooner or later somebody's going to make a mistake, one country will push the other just far enough to justify a defensive reaction and bullets and missiles will be flying all over the place. After that the big question is: Then what?

Neither side has blinked (yet).

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@Guru29 Excellent point, Guru29, except that the PRC is not a party to the Potsdam Declaration.

The whole world including the Japanese government recognizes PRC as the legal successor of the Republic of China and Russia as the legal successor of the Soviet Union. However, Japanese right-wingers have continued to live in dreams exactly like what their ancestors did in WWII. Why?

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Whats the point of crying. Nobody never gives back stolen territories. Just like china stile tibet and many more land. Unlike Senkakku that has always been Japanese. CCP fears its own people. Its using the SENKAKKU issue just like all communist countries do. BRAINWASH ots own people

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Commie Chinese are the worst breed. Shameless and bullies. Your time will come just make a stupid mistake.....

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@Guru29 The difference is you are trying to use an agreement from before the cold war to justify "to nuke Japan". The United States and UK will never go along with that. The US was the one that gave Okinawa and the senkakus back to Japan rather than see them go to a non-democracy.

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It's just routing meaningless duty for Communist Chinese coastguard ship. Russian and Chinese leaders are pushing Japan to spend more money on military spending and relaxing Constitutional restriction on Japanese military.

The Russian and Chinese Government must recognize their childish jealous and hatred toward Japan was responsible for current increasing Japanese Government to require and build modern advance military technology and hardware for Japanese Military. Military intimidation tactic or Psychological Warfare against neighbor will not be sorting out even single problem. Dialogue does cost nothing. Why can't Russian and Chinese leaders use their proper brain instead of acting like Mafia?

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CrazyJoeOct. 19, 2014 - 10:48AM JST If China owns the Senkaku islands as they claim, why do they play ding dong ditch all the time?

Because if they sent in the PLANavy they'd be challenged by the US 7th Fleet.

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Unlike Senkakku that has always been Japanese

"always been Japanese"? Surely the Senkakus were part of the independent Ryukyu kingdom, until Japan invaded them? I think someone has been brainwashed by Japanese history lessons.

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Maybe they can have a 'test war'.

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China is waiting and wants to start a war but is wants to blame it on another country, China has millions of its people all around the world in high places, some say that half china population is in other countries like America and south america and all other countries, China has not enough food to feed what is in its own country, China wants to take over with Russia the world, My vote it to lets get it over with and let the chips fall where they may, if China violates another country, then the United states should defend that act of war and lets get this over with before china gets even stronger, as I will go a far as predicting that china will have started this war by 12016, this is inevitable, another point, if America does have to enter this disputed, the cost to china will be Great, the amount will be the Loans it has to all countries will be paid in full as to the cost of military actions are costly. so Lets get this done with and end the threat, just like Russia taking over Ukraine this was and is an act of war, being the two are together china and Russia, we can expect the war to be on two fronts, just like it was in WWII Japan and Germany, we will win this one, One more thing, when Japan went into china in the beginning it was because China would not share with its neighbors food and land to grow that food, so in the beginning it again was china and now 70 years Latter it is still China, it is time to put the cards on the table, Yes My Vote is Battle, I am retired service man! Russia and China want to rule this world together.. time to stop this way of thinking, as far as the gas supplies Russia has, this was placed on this land for all to use, the cost which is charged is astronomical and should be against the Law, I agree with the payment for maintenance of a pipe line only and the price should reflect that cost only..... there should not be any monopoly on any reserve, this should be brought to the International court, God Gave us the resources and the public should not be held up with the prices for delivery because of Greed.. this is the reason China is declaring all of the Japanese sea (so called China sea) and the West Philippines sea (so called China Sea), and the Vietnam Sea (so called China Sea) this sea is well pasted the 200 mile limit which is written in the International community rules, each country are part of the international community and should adhere to all the rules within, by not they are declaring an act of war against the community, the whole community. every person should boycott Chinese goods by not buying anything made in China, if we can do this you will see the people in china will force the government to comply! God Bless

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