Chinese media praises naval power after first circuit around Japan


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They just can't stop provoking, can they. It really does amaze me how childish the Chinese are. It's an interesting insight into a country that has spoon fed the people self generated propaganda for so long that it has become the norm.

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Agreed Tamarama ... this "news" is like a runner bragging that he has at last completed a full circuit of the track ... with nobody else there ... and suggesting that makes him fit for an actual race.

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Lol too correct

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LOL...What - EVER!

What the Chinese Media somewhat failed to mention is the U.S. Carrier Fleets, U.S. Amphibious Fleets, U.S. Advanced Submarine Fleets, and U.S. Stealth (Drone) Spy Planes that do circles in:

The Sea of JAPAN The Yellow Sea The East China Sea The South China Sea The Phillippine Sea The Indian Ocean The Persian Gulf The Western Pacific The Eastern Pacific The Atlantic Ocean The Mediterranean Sea

Oh, and we got Nice New Air Force Spy Satellites that can watch the Chinese from Orbit 24 hours a day - 7 Days a Week.

But don't get me wrong...we're not provoking anything.

We're just "Hanging-Out" to make sure everyone in the International Community are being Good Neighbors...:)

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It may not even been true, could really be just some local propaganda. Look... the best they can find is a picture of a vessel.. back 2010. Can't we see some real footage of what is daily reported ?

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Maybe the provocation is not so much the trip as the need to post in it media. From a different perspective I would ask, who has so little naval power and experience that they need to tell the world that they actually managed to sail around Japan? Two interpretations. Either they are so happy that they managed to complete this trip (navigation, no warning shots, no mishaps) so they want to dance around or it may be a message of no hostility towards Japan. If they start to continually circle around Japans islands with 50 warships then it would be time to bring out the can-openers.

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Built by American $$. That's the funny part

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No. More funny, it was built by cheap interest yen!

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i find my history book tellin NO story china ever, ever invaded another sovereign nation, bomb any populated city or wantin to conquer another culture. my country is up in arms tryin to match beijing's glorious naval power. wot can i say, if you ave it, flaunt it. but it does not mean beijing wants war. does it? bible say if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. samen sa batangas ey ang lumakar na matulin, kapag natibu ey anu gang lalim!

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Maybe true, but you will find in the American history books the story of the government "rubbing out" the Native American population. What about China?

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Someone please tell China it's safe to splice in footage from the Hollywood dud "Battleship" to sexify their propaganda a bit. I'm sure no one saw or will care to contest the fact that you also saved earth from aliens while you were circumnavigating Japan.

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Rommel Adap catalan:

I find my history book tellin NO story china ever, ever invaded another sovereign nation, bomb any populated city or wantin to conquer another culture.

If your history book doesn't cover the annexation of Tibet, the Sino-Indian war, the Korean War, The Vietnam War or the Sino-Vietnamese war .... it might be time to buy a new history textbook.

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highball7Aug. 03, 2013 - 01:30PM JST Again with the posters on this board, how is China provoking? Their warships are travelling on International waters!!!

It's not so much an issue of provoking. As several posters have correctly pointed out China is celebrating something that really is nothing. But what is a concern is that China's military and sheeple will actually believe that this pointless exercise somehow is a representation of Chinese "invincibility" and "might", which in turn may lead to over-confidence and acts of aggression that may trigger unnecessary conflict.

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“The Chinese navy must grow into a blue water navy because all of the aggression against China in modern times came from the sea,” >

He's not wrong... however I cant imagine China being able to defend itself against a combined naval and arial attack from America.

(Although a naval blockae not an invasion would be all that's needed to bring down an import/export nation like China)

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its called sabre rattling and its done all the time by the world's biggest navies with the purpose of intimidation or reassurance. the USN does both and they do it well; globally. China has a long way to go before it does either.

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