Chinese media slam Japan over isle dispute

By Antoine Bouthier

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“China will definitely take further steps regarding Diaoyu,” it said. “The reluctance to resort to military means doesn’t mean China is afraid of war.”

The Chinese are doing their very best to force Japan to go nuclear. Or are they too short-sighted to see this?

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China is investing more and more in military, they also becoming daring because of the japan constitution holding japanese back. Human is human, constitution is just something written on a piece of paper while free will is free will. I highly recommend china stop their provocation and challenge, in war nobody gains everybody lose. All sides need to sit down, start sharing and dont be greedy.

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This is great. I think China is doing a great job in showing the world the majestic idiocy of their system. Countries of the world have managed until now to avoid major multinational conflicts. It took a bunch of sweat shops' peasants vindicating their 100 years of humiliation to get us even to talk about WWIII. Maybe if they had built a society instead of scratching their buts and hailing to Communism they would not have become the factory of the world. It's their own making. And this behavior might be their own undoing. Frankly it makes one wonder whether the world would be a better place now if Japan had continued colonization of their territory.

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Chenese media slam Japan over island dispute

As if it is something unexpected.

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Sorry, I can't read past "Chinese media" without laughing. It's like America's reports on what FOX news said the other day.

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Of course Chinese media is going to slam Japan. What do you think would happen to a Chinese newspaper that criticized the Chinese government or Chinese nationalists?

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Japan's claim over those islands in dispute is clearly a violation of the 5 party WWII peace treaty agreed between US, UK, China, Russia and Japan.

In the Potsdam Agreement, it was clearly stated that:

"The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out and Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we determine."

Since Japan agreed with Potsdam Agreement and surrendered in WWII, so it also lost its sovereignty over those islands it colonized before WWII.

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The Potsdam Declaration became Potsdam Agreement, the primary peace treaty or instrument of peace that enabled the ending of WWII when Japan announced the acceptance of it in the Imperial Rescript of Surrender and the Japanese Instrument of Surrender.

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