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Chinese professor of Japanese university missing in China since Feb 2023


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Usual systematic behavior by the Chinese government.

Most of the academia will be arrested over very vague national security laws.

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Tortured, labor/reeducation camp, then back to Japan as spy, or stay in China to educate the rest of the people about how evil Japan is.

Yet, there are still people here defending China.

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...and the CCP wonders why its own people would rather buy tech like iPhones abroad.

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Probably being brainwashed or should we say re-educated.

Poor guy.

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Don't trust West Taiwan!

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Had a Chinese professor at uni who had been in one of the re-education camps. It took years of playing their game, but he was one of the lucky ones who finally escaped, via Hong Kong. He was extremely knowledgeable about Chinese history.

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CCP=Crazy Corrupt Politicians!! They will do anything to control the rule of law in China even if it means getting rid of their own citizens.

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This Professor is clearly an intellect, and so, why would he even return in the first place?

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