Chinese ships in disputed waters again


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Come on, Chinese ships go there everyday. You should report if one day Chinese ship is not there.

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China will never be tired. Not until a war happens, they will not stop harassing their neighbors for a hundred years...

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Something seriously wrong with China!

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China's violation of the law shouldn't be allowed to continue! OK, contest the sovereignty of the islands but, as long as the world's courts agree that Japan administers them stay out and peruse the issue in the ICJ! However, I doubt we'll see that anytime soon because they know they will lose and that would not only effect their Senkakus claim but the precedent would effect many, many other of their territorial disputes as well. Perhaps Japan should just build on the islands and force the issue.

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Poor China. Their tactics of provocation, intimidation and economic warfare in the attempt to seize the Senkaku Islands failed miserably. Now they have boxed themselves into a corner; they have ruined their relations not only with Japan but with most of Asia as well, and if they back down they lose face with their populace, especially their frothing-at-the-mouth "nationalist" supporters. It is a lose-lose situation for the Chinese government and its misguided and inexplicably childish foreign policy.

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I can't wait until Article 9 goes bye bye and Japan can defend it's territory properly!

Sink a few of these invaders and it will stop.

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"It is the latest episode in a fraught few months that has seen repeated stand-offs between official ships from both sides as they have jostled over ownership of strategically-important and resource-rich islands."

What is this, 'Jostling over ownership?' At present, 'ownership' of the islands is not in doubt; the Senkakus are legally recognized as being in Japanese hands. China (under the ham-fisted CCP) has no legal right to 'jostle' in this fashion. The CCP would be screaming blue-murder if Japan or any other nation ran ships into their territorial waters every other day.

The sooner China rids itself of its CCP cleptocrats the better.

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Sink a few PRC boat and they will send a few hundred more to sink behind them.

The PRC mentalilty makeslemmings seem brilliant.

The PRC lost to a smaller nation and then was ruled by them for 500 years just because they could not figure out that all they had to do was act.

The PRC can not and will not ever rule the world because they are ruled by simpletons.

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