Cholera leads to culling of 546 hogs; nationwide pork exports halted


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I tend to agree with Yubaru... with the propensity of companies (not only in Japan) to cover up or falsify information leads me to believe that the virus was never eradicted in the first place.  Only after the 'sh#t hit the fan' (pun intended), did they decide to do something about it.

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The Gifu prefectural government pointed to the possibility that wild boars or pigs that had contracted the disease may have been brought in from outside.

So what's the inference here? Since Japan declared it eradicated....

Tokyo had declared the virus eradicated in 2007.

Really? Great to know, but...

Hog cholera is endemic in Asia

Just another subliminal message from the authors to infect the minds that Japan is "safe" and it's "outside" that is the problem.

My question is, just WHO declared the virus eradicated, and what did they base it upon? There is far too much information coming from the national government regarding statistics and what not that are unbelievable, why should we believe this?

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After this report that it's already in supermarkets (different wording, but you can bet it is) there will be no more Japanese pork for me. It's going on the list next to fish from the "Pacific" (meaning areas around Tohoku).

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Oh god its almost definately in the supermarkets then.

Not dangerous to humans...(???)

I don’t wanna eat pork that has cholera!

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This disease comes from poor management of the pigs’ enclosures. It is a virus in pig poop. Obviously, the owner of this farm has very poor management of his farm.

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A case of 'Careless pork costs lives'.

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