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A female giant panda and her cub are seen at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo. Photo: REUTERS file

Cities compete for panda as Japan-China relations improve


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I give this feel good atmosphere a few more months before the next dust up.

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poor panda!

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Hey if the Panda diplomacy helps, more power to both countries!

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So the only reason these cities want to "host" a panda is for the economic value? Keeping pandas for entertainment is so sad. I agree with jji Xx, poor panda! I think hosting a casino would bring in more money and not cause stress for the panda.

When I was a child,I went to see the animals at the zoo, but I did not like the idea of having animals in captivity at that age and traumatize ever since.

I've never gone to a zoo since but enjoy trekking in the wild. It's a much more educational and enjoyable adventure to spend time in nature with your family.

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why? It's such a scam. Better off returning them

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Why has the Japan-China relation improved? Because China bacame busy in a trade war with U.S. and Japan became important for them as a trade partner? Has their sea expansionism halted? It is good their anti-Japan campaign became quiet. Thank you Trump.

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Panda is a very expensive deal with China...From Japan a hundreds of colorful carps to clean the rivers and lakes China need to clean and clear the environmental issues there, to make better concept of beauty Japan uniquely has.

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Free the pandas!

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So the only reason these cities want to "host" a panda is for the economic value?

Absolutely and it's not cheap at all.

It's a business equation in the millions of dollars with as many contractual terms and conditions attached as inviting Taylor Swift to come and play for you, eg right down to the merchandizing rights.

I agree it is all wrong, especially given the universally poor standard of Japanese zoos.

Meanwhile, the government is out gunning down Japanese bears.

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Akita weather will suit Panda's welfare compare to Kobe and Sendai.

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Panda diplomacy? Couldn’t hurt.

What will they name it? Yahoo paypay? Rakuten Happybear?

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