Classes at Prince Hisahito's school resume after knife incident


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Saw them putting barbed wire along the school wall on the news. Didn't see watch towers but that might come latter. I suggest movement sensors and robot guards. Also that young man should have at least two heavily armed police accompanying him everyday. Surely a Kevlar uniform is doable? I'm suprised he doesn't have to wear a construction helmet? Might be time to find a body double.

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Gotta feel sorry for the kids having to attend what amounts to a prison. As if the rigors of middle school were not hard enough. Now, they are locked in!

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Why did the school have to be closed? Knifes were found, man arrested. End of story.

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If the school hadn't been closed and a thorough investigation hadn't been carried out, there would be outcry and accusations of dereliction of duty.

Remember, this involved a young royal. Not a lesser mortal.

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Why did the school have to be closed? Knifes were found, man arrested. End of story.

The potential victim is not a regular kid. It is a Prince, perhaps future Emperor. That is why the school had to be in lock down.

I am real relieved Prince Hisahito is OK to resume his studies and had no mental scars.

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Putting all eggs in one basket is bad.

Abe san needs to talk about changing Imperial succession rule to allow women to assume throne.

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