Clean-up begins after volcano eruption in Kagoshima


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Hope everyone in Kagoshima / Sakurajima is okay, its a lovely place with many pleasent memories....

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Good to hear that there no injuries. Both frightening and awe-inspiring. Good photo.

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Saw this on the BBC... it looked like fog with cars' lights on full beam, and people going about with brollies and masks - at least they looked prepared for it.

Glad no-one was hurt.

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I was in Sicily when Mount Etna erupted (many years ago) luckily on the "other side" of the island because it is very spectacular and frightening when it happens ! I'm glad no-one was hurt. Sakurajima is such a beautiful part of the country too !

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People there seem very calm, not big surprised. Probably it erupts once in a while and they get used to it.

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The previous story on this sight about the volcano said there have been about 500 eruptions so far this year. That's a lot ... so guess the citizens of Kagoshima are used to them. At least those who I met told me this. They said the only thing they didn't like about eruptions was when the wind carried the ashes into the city and covered their wet laundry with ash. Thus, they had to wash their laundry again ... and black ash especially isn't easy to wash out.

Several years ago I was at the waterfront park looking across the waterwy to Sakurajima and it erupted. There was no earthquake, no noise ... just the plume of ash rising high into the sky. So guess it did the same thing yesterday ... a quiet eruption.

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This must be one of the few times when a typhoon would actually be welcome.

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Sakurajima erupts almost 1,000 times a year. Its just normal. I was shopping in Kagoshima City when it went off Sunday. The ash drifts along the street like snow does, so whenever a car or bus goes by you get dusted by the ash. Normally its just a nuisance, but Sunday's eruption was very much so. In the summer, the wind typically blows the ash to Kagoshima, but in the winter it blows to Kanoya. I'm just glad that the ash was sent to Kagoshima instead of where I live.

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cough cough * damn ash... Hope this eruptions will stop shortly.
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