Clean-up begins after 7.4 quake shakes northern Japan, killing 4


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“I don't even know where to start,”

I live in an old house in Kumamoto with a lifetime of belongings that all ended up in piles on the floor after the Kumamoto quakes. Obviously, start in the kitchen - clean up all the glass shards so that your wife can have some semblance of normality, if with no water. Then ya gotta prioritize, from your most important places to the least. It took me months, but it was a good chance to get rid of a lot of stuff I didn't need.

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At last we get the damage reports from the Fukushima NPP. Actually not quite so reassuring.

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Looks like the last car of the bullet train was derailed @blvtzpk 7:37am. Someone else’s watchful eyes could also catch the damage early this morning before it created more havoc.

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One died from heart attack and one from falling while trying to evacuate. This is why it's extremely important to stay calm during a quake. One thing i am always confident about is that no matter how strong the shake, the buildings are design to withstand the shock and hold. So there is need to panic nor even move from your spot. The only thing you want to worry about is a tsunami if you live near the coastal area. The most important thing you do is to get moving once the shaking stop and only then you evacuate to higher ground.

Earthquake is never the thing that you are suppose to be worried about. Because it happen every year and our nation is build to take these kind of shocks. What you need to worry about is the tsunami that might occur after the shock. And also not dying from panicking and doing rash movement during the quake.

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Japan should not have nuclear power plants because of earthquakes.

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NHK just reported another JMA intensity 3 or 4.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture at 9:30pm JST this evening. So far, no reported chance of tsunami at this time.

Still, everyone please stay safe tonight and off the coasts for a while yet.

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The Shinkansen once again proved its safety. Any other high-speed train would be lucky to survive with only a derailment and no injuries when applying the emergency brakes at 300km/h+ in an earthquake of that intensity.

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Hiro, newer buildings are built to withstand earthquakes I agree, but not older houses in the countryside, plus many injuries are caused by broken glass, and falling objects outside or furniture indoors (closets, bookcases etc.)

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Please keep safe. God bless all good people.

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Definitely was one of the bigger ones for a while, seemed extremely long. Knew several folks who lost power, so I hope none of our regular posters here were too adversely affected.

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