Clever kitty: Cats know their names

By Toru Yamanaka

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Wow! What an amazing discovery. Who'd have thought it? (sarcasm)

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How much did that amazing study cost?

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I just said "Hey Minny" to my cat, whom I call Minny, Monny, Mon-chan, Minchi, Mi Minya, and My Beauteous Min, depending.

She said "Hey" back.

We do that a lot - just touching base.

Cost me nothing.

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Innovation must be really lacking in Japan these days. I've known this for years.

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Well, thank god they solved that mystery...

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Having owned dogs before, and being currently owned by and serving a cat, I can certify that cats can be just as smart as dogs. They recognise their servants and the servant's family, and royally ignore getting called by their name. Heck, try calling the Queen of England "Yo, Lizzie!", and the same will happen..

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They figured this out now? What progress..

Since ancient times cats were a god:

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Since ancient times cats were a god:

And they've never forgotten it.  In their world, cats rule, dogs (and humans) drool.

As for whether they're as smart of dogs, perhaps they are smarter; you'll never see a team of cats slavishly pulling a sled in sub-zero degree temperature.

"They seem to associate their name to some rewards or punishments..

Reminds me of teenagers; when you call them, they'll respond when they feel like it or if you have the reward (read: monetary allowance) for them.

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Well, thank god they solved that mystery..

Hee hee!

Cats rule, dogs drool, haha

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Just because they know their name doesn't mean they like it, isn't that right, Captain Meow Meow.

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We just don't know their names for us.

Cat 1: Yo dude, who's your human?

Cat 2: Oh, he's "rrr-mroar-hss" (translation: dumber than dirt). And yours?

Cat 1: "Prrr-nyaow-hchhh" (translation: one who farts)

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For a great read, try Arikara Hiro's The Travelling Cat Chronicles.

Actually, I think cats understand Sontaku maybe better than us. They just pretend not to.

And Ex_Res, re " I've known this for years." Yes, we all believe you, but we will need to run some small experiments in order to prove it scientifically.

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Instead of stupid research, why don't the researchers, scientists, animal lovers try to make life expectancy of the dogs/cats more longer.

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The UK House of Commons Speaker (Bercow) has a cat called Order.


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Unbeknownst to humans, cats have always known their names. It's just that when your cat doesn't respond to you, she understands — she just doesn't care. She purposefully ignores you because you're her annoying pet, lol

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Unbeknownst to humans, cats have always known their names. It's just that when your cat doesn't respond to you, she understands — she just doesn't care.

I agree. I'm convinced cats, in their own self-absorbed world, have their own private names that they only share among their own kind. The "nicknames" humans give them are only for convenience; they'll respond to that name when they feel like it.

Felines are not self aware, thus lack a self concept. It's a reflex action, if anything.

Well perhaps so, but their "reflex actions" indicates there's a calculated intelligence behind it. I've had cats for decades and observed they are arrogant, self absorbed and more concerned with their comfort and wellbeing. Their antics can be comical but I've found they have no sense of humour and when you laugh, they think you are laughing AT THEM and they'll stop, stalk off offended, and sulk and you'll have a hard time getting back to being in good graces with them.

That tells me that they have an inflated opinion of themselves and thus have self awareness of their sense of importance and position in life. They demand to be respected and treated as an equal, unlike dogs who are happy to serve and be subservient to their masters.

On the other hand, I've sometimes wondered why I tolerate and cater to the Cat's whims. Perhaps the same reason I sometimes cater to my Wife's whims and demands. Ah.....the similarity between Felines and (human) Females; once you understand and accept, then there's "peaceful coexistence and harmony".

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GoodlucktoyouApr. 6  08:06 am JST

How much did that amazing study cost?

Quite a lot if it was done in a Cat Cafe!

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just like @expat here ... ( having a reflex to post something irrelevant ) you could say he has the mental ability of a cat

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