Coast guard requests budget be doubled for disputed islands patrol


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Put light houses and coast guard station on the islands. It invites trouble when you don't have anything on the islands.

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in my personal opinion, i think that communism is like a raging fire, always hungry and pretty belligerent. japan cannot give up an inch of land or else china will want more. i think that this might just be the start of the second cold war and the world must prepare for it as fast as possible.

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China is a growing problem and virtually the hole developed world has assisted in producing products, buying products and sharing technology from China.

We have ourselves to blame.

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China didn't pay much attention to the Senkaku Islands until surveys in the early '70's indicated they might be in the middle of possibly rich under-sea oilfield.

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Japan needs to get it's act together and put up a coast guard station. Maybe a lighthouse and medical facilities to assist seafarers of all nationalities in the area.

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CrazyJoe: The same can be said about Japan as well, so what's your point?

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Yet another story of a government department requesting extra spending.

Isn't there any news of a single government department requesting a 50% reduction in spending?

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For the coastguard, its like taking a paid vacation with not much to do.

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Around the waters of Senkaku?

You must be joking.

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I approve of this request. Japan needs to step up the defence of it's sovereign territory, no matter how distant from the mainland, and push back that belligerent expansionist tyrant known as China. They should definitely build a Coastguard station on one of the larger islands, preferably one that can accommodate helicopters as well. China can kick and scream all it wants, but it can't have what doesn't belong to it just because there happens to be oil nearby.

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What for? So they can have more clashes around a bunch of rocks?

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What for? So they can have more clashes around a bunch of rocks?

No, so they can more readily defend their sovereign territory from China. The same territory that even China acknowledged as being Japanese until oil was discovered around the islands. Then, all of a sudden, the Senkaku islands are China's after all, in complete contradiction to everything they'd been saying for two decades previously. China just wants the oil, Japan just wants China to shut up and stop bullying its neighbours. Any clashes would be China's doing.

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