Coast Guard searching Hawaiian waters for Japanese student


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Hope he can be found alive.

Is the vessel the Hokuho Maru or the Hakuho Maru?

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ReformedBasher Hokuho maru is right.

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What kind of training program posts a 17yo on watch at 3am in middle of the Pacific without a lifejacket?

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I think so too.

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Well, I hope the kid is found alive (and indeed had a life jacket). If he had not jacket you have to seriously question the safety of the training.

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What's the water temp?

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I hope they find this kid and find those responsible for designing this training program. Those in charge should know better and their actions or inactions led to this tragedy.

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If the boy wasn't issued and wasn't checked to make sure he was wearing a life jacket then the Captain of the boat should be held for trial in the event the boy met with a tragedy. It is unbelievable to think a minor was posted early in the morning unsupervised on deck.

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I'd like to know what was up with this boy. He is a high school drop out that decided to become a pro fisherman or is there a special school for kids that want to become fishermen/ship crew members? This is out of my area of expertise.

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The HAKUHO MARU (I looked it up) is a research vessel. I could be wrong, but these youngsters are likely getting some practical, hands on experience before getting a job ashore and donning lab coats. Not recently, but I sailed for many years as marine engineer and never saw a life jacket. Seems incredible now.

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I hope he will be saved by someone.

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The HAKUHO MARU (I looked it up) is a research vessel.

The vessel in the story is the Hokuho Maru, which is a training ship.

The research vessel Hakuho Maru was last reported just to te northeast of New Zealand.

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It’s not known if he was wearing a life jacket.

Does not imply he was supposed to or not. The fact that this sentence is included makes me wonder what the deal is.

Any other sources?

I had a look at a photo of the vessel yesterday. It's quite large. I'd imagine some areas of duty do not require a life jacket. And in some places, it would be ill-advised to wear one.

So, where was his watch at 3AM? Was he supposed to be on deck and what was he supposed to be doing?

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