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Coca-Cola Japan to contribute Y1.5 billion to reconstruction of schools in quake-hit areas


The Coca-Cola Japan Reconstruction Fund has decided to contribute 1.5 billion yen to the rebuilding of public elementary and junior high schools, with the funds being extracted from the 2.5 billion yen collected for reconstruction of the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Coca-Cola said the fund supports cleaner energy in the reconstruction of the affected schools by providing funding for the solar panel installation, an operation also promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

By installing new solar panels during the reconstruction work at the public schools in the regions affected by the earthquake, the fund hopes to support the future of the children in the disaster regions through providing a teaching tool on clean energy that can educate about the environment. Details such as the soliciting of eligible schools and timing for the contributions will be examined in consultation with the Ministry, local governments, and other organizational bodies, the company said.

Coca-Cola Japan said the funds will be put to use mainly in the construction of educational and other public facilities needed for rebuilding the lives of children affected by the disaster. This contribution will be the first specific proposed aid of the fund.

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Way to go Coca-Cola. That is a sigificant amount by any standard and is being spent on the kids, who are the future of both Tohoku and Japan.

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Thank you. Just do not do it in tsunami areas.

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Well done Coca-Cola.This is a start that all big corporations can follow. It all starts with our children.

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I'm sorry, the article is too confusing for me at this time on a Monday morning. Is this a corporate donation of 2.5 billion yen, 1.5 billion yen of which is being used for construction of schools? If so, then kudos to Coke... no more Pepsi for me!

However, I find this sentence confusing:

"with the funds being extracted from the 2.5 billion yen collected for reconstruction of the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake"

"Extracted from the 2.5 billion yen collected for reconstruction? Collected by whom? Coca-Cola? Did the do a charity drive to collect this money, or have they donated profits from their business?

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So give your kids a Coke! All that caffeine and sugar is actually good for them!

In Japan, I have often heard stories that kids are not allowed to drink Coke and can get in trouble if caught by teachers. I used to think that was odd, but no longer. If Coke cared about kids, they would at least remove the caffeine from their drinks as its totally unnecessary and just the best substitute they could replace the cocaine with. Clearly, this is not about Coke caring. This is an advertising campaign.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

@ chewitup

Though you may be right about Coke's motives (I can't think of any one truly altruistic business), the company is more than just it's signature product. They sell plenty of teas, fruit juices and other "healthy" beverages for the kiddies.


Coke isn't marketed at the kids, it's primarily marketed at young adults. If you worry about caffeine then you'll have to ban your kids from drinking coffee and green tea as well - Just become a Mormon - problem solved.

Personally I'll take my coke with caffeine in it, thank you very much.

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My thumbs up for Coca Cola Japan!! This is a new way to do business guys.

Hope many more will follow Coca Cola.

To my understanding, Ajinomoto and Starbucks are already doing a lot for Africa.

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Good thing for Coke but I will believe it when I see the buildings standing with children in it - hopefully away from the disaster areas.

Also this action will not affect my decision to drink or not to drink Coke even one iota.

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I also hope that they won't slip in any sneaky conditions like X number of Coke drinks machines on school premises. Rent free.

I think UK schools banned soft drink vending machines from state school premises a few years ago. Hope this is altruistic and doesn't come with any dodgy strings like that.

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I agree with chewitup. It is disgusting that a company like that, which has contributed to over 10% of American kids suffering obesity, is taking advantage of the disaster to advertise their product.

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I want to know if they will be putting vending machines in these schools) once they reopen...

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I don't believe there are any vending machines in Japanese public elementary and junior high schools.

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Good point, littlebird. I did not think that way. But you are right, Japanese company is sneaky that way. Their goodwill should not be fully trusted?

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Readers, the obesity rate among American children is not relevant to this discussion.

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Good show, Coca-Cola! And the funds are for a very good cause indeed. Education is so important.

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