Cockroach fears prompt frozen fried noodles recall


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Not surprising. Sounds to me like an isolated incident. The FDA in the US allows a certain level of bugs and bug parts in food products before it is considered defective, so I'm sure Japan has similar standards.

Obviously, anything recognizable as part of a cockroach is too much, but is it really necessary to recall so many bags? Is it just PR?

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Cockraoches are everywhere. I just killed 3 of them a few minutes in my bathroom.

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PR or otherwise seems to me that what ever the price Nissin is doing the right thing. They are a HUGE player in the frozen food market here and they take their quality control to heart.

I applaud them for making the effort.

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Thankfully they weren't chocolate covered cockroaches, that would have totally ruined the flavour not to mention cancelled the out the benefit of that extra nutrition as mentioned above...

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the insect is believed to have been attached to a vegetable, which in turn was presumably sent to our production line,”

So, if I understand rightly, these vegetables are not washed before integrating them into the pasta ?

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a claim by a customer who spotted something foreign inside a product

I love the use of the word 'foreign' here!

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Cue guys in suits with barcode hairstyles Apologize for being troublesome/causing any confusion (tears optional) Announce 50 member in house panel "Cockroach watch" to be formed to discuss the issue. Bow
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Cocroach probably has more nutrients and vitamins than a frozen pasta meal... I reckon that customer should pay more for the added value!

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There is also a recall for Peyang Yakisoba from Maruka Foods. Another cockroach incident.

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Send it back to Nissin Frozen Foods (C.O.D. frozen) and you'll get a Quo card worth 500 Yen.

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The cockroach parts would probably provide the only real nutrition in that highly processed frozen meal.

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As I was saying the other day in the mass food-poisoning case, start introducing healt inspectors BEFORE the fact.

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Looking at the picture that part of a cockroach is in Peyang made me scared of eating such foods.

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Pukey2, the customer spotted 異物 ibutsu, which is 'foreign matter', 'something foreign', etc., depending on which dictionary the translator used. Literally 'something different/other'.

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One older Japanese man told me how he got a hot coffee from a vending machine with the paper cups and the coffee drip. He began drinking the coffee (black) and thought he felt something bumping against his upper lip. He looked down but couldn't see anything, but he kept thinking that something was bumping his upper lip each time. As he nearly finished the coffee and got down to the bottom of the cup, he could see a dead cockroach at the bottom. Ewww

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