Company warehouses damaged by ice falling from Tokyo Sky Tree


Three warehouses around the vicinity of Tokyo Sky Tree reported damage to their roofs, apparently caused by snow and ice falling from the tower, Tobu Tower Skytree Co said Thursday.

All three warehouses are located within 200 meters of the tower. Tobu Tower Skytree says that it will pay for the damages.

Last year, the company installed a heating system to prevent the buildup of ice and snow at the upper reaches of the tower structure after it was confirmed that chunks of snow and ice had fallen from the upper portion of the structure to the street below last winter.

Local residents are concerned about the danger of falling bits of ice, some of which have landed within a 400-meter radius of Tokyo Sky Tree.

On the observation deck, the outside of the windows has been coated with a special kind of glass that is designed to prevent snow from falling to the ground. Embedded in the glass, developers say, are 3,000 tiny electric heaters that are designed to melt the snow and stop it from building up.

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What happened to the nets?! Thought in a previous JT article it stated that they were going to use these as well as the other totally useless measures described above...

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Let's see some improvements and accountability here, especially before people get hurt. In the future, I don't wanna see any news stories of people being impaled by Sky Tree icicles and such!

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Somehow I have the feeling no one ever even considered this scenario back in the drawing board days, pretty big OOOPPS!!

Glad I dont live anywhere near this thing, people will be hurt mark my words!

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Ah another example of a Japanese company designing and building something without examining and planning for various worse case events. And the charade goes on and on.

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I agree, and to add, I thought TST management installed 20 cameras to monitor snow/ice buildup? Did the cameras actually get something?

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There's a blog page here with a YouTube clip showing lumps of snow landing among pedestrians on the other side of the river from Sky Tree.

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Strange Japan! This is and was preventable but...

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That is really scary. 400 meters of fear. They didnt really plan for this freak weather we have been getting. They just wanted another landmark.

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Local residents are concerned about the danger of falling bits of ice, some of which have landed within a 400-meter radius of Tokyo Sky Tree.

-and some have landed further than 400 meters away? Huh?

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The company running the Sky Tree is probably going to have to buy-up the land immediately around the tower and fence it off for safety reasons.

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