Composer Samuragochi apologizes for fake work


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Mamoru Samuragochi appeared clean-shaven and minus his trademark sunglasses and long hair, in what could be seen as a sign of remorse.

All is forgiven then..... Back to business!

Hold on, what business? Being a composer? Being deaf and receiving disability payments? As the emperor stripped bare, what can this guy actually offer?

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He can have my fake forgiveness then .

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" what could be seen as a sign of remorse."

Ah, well then! Forget about any lawsuits! the man shaved and took off his sunglasses! Forget about compensation and/or jail time for defrauding people and probably getting benefits while claiming he was deaf (and I don't believe for a second he lost his hearing, which he claimed shortly after he was found out as a fake, miraculously started to come back a couple of years back!)! the man has bowed and claims he'll no longer appear as a TV celebrity! Oh, the suffering of this poor, poor man!!

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I wonder if he said "Sorry I can't hear can you speak louder?" when the reporters asked questions.

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If people here feel a pain in their heart greater than in other countries then this goose must be flatlining! Seriously though what a ridiculous situation!

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Please stop giving this loser any more attention. Its obviously exactly what he is after.

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"CD sales of music credited to him has surged since the scandal erupted."

WTF is wrong with people?

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No lawsuits or jail time?

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Michael: "No lawsuits or jail time?"

Not in this nation. It'll just make him more money.

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Marketing genius, Samuragotcha.

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Bravo on the marketing scheme!

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I'm waiting for him to say that a witch turned him into a newt!

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Go to jail.. Go directly to jail.. Do not pass Go.. Do not collect any more ¥.. Loser!!

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music publishers probably have a case to sue the hell out of him since when you sign a contract saying that you are composing the stuff, it has to be you doing it. hope they suck him dry like he deserves.

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Not a strong enough apology. What about getting a cannon ball style haircut?

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[of course recording companies etc. too.]

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CD sales of music credited to him has surged since the scandal erupted.

I hope this money goes to donation to help out those people with real disabilities... really...

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I hope he get paid in BIT COINS!

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He apologized for the troubles he had caused his fans, producers behind his works and others.

Typical meaningless Japanese apology -- "for the troubles he had caused". How about being a real man and apologizing for committing fraud and basically stealing people's hard-earned money that they spent on his bogus music? Or. better yet, why doesn't he offer to donate some of those millions to charity or do community service to atone for his numerous failing? No, simply "bowing repeatedly" will be enough.

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Sorry got to giggle, Golden Bomber provided the world with the first 'Air Band', It was only a matter of time before classic music fans would 'hear' the first 'Air Composter', we're just weeks away from an entire 'Air Orchestra'. Japan is such a utter

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Apologies Samuragochi san that an 'Air Composer'..

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If this guy is a composer then I am an opera singer.

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What was that honorable thing the samurai did when they were caught in some scandal?

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At the press conference, he seemed more sorry that Niigaki ratted him out and that he got caught and not sorry for what he actually did. Samuragochi probably felt he had another 18 years of lying in him and some more "quirks" to reveal that perpetuated his enigmatic genius image.

On another note, I would've waited to get a makeover after I confessed, then it'd be easier to start a new life and be unrecognized.

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I didn't watch, but my wife told me he apologized but then went on saying he was going to sue Niigaki, blah blah blah. A true scam artist.

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