Construction worker dies after being hit by metal pipes falling from crane


A 64-year-old construction worker died after being struck by 10 metal pipes that fell from a crane at an apartment building site in Tokyo on Monday.

TBS reported that the incident occurred in Shibuya Ward just after noon. Witnesses were quoted as saying that the crane was hoisting the 10 pipes, which were bundled together, when they became loose and fell about 10 meters onto the worker below. Police said the man was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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He's 64 and doing those hard work. what a sad story. RIP.

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No protective cage around the driver? Wish his family well in the sadness.

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I don't believe it was the driver of the crane that got struck. I think the victim was another worker on the ground. I saw this on the news and they showed an aerial view of the accident and there was a huge pile of blood on the ground next to the fallen pipes. It had to be an horrific accident to witness. I just hope he didn't suffer too much pain. R.I.P.

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Some of the TV news stories last night pointed out that the victim hadn't been wearing a helmet. It doesn't seem to me as if it would have saved him, even if he had been. RIP

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As a one time heavy construction worker of more than a decade, I can easily imagine ibis tragedy. It would be impossible for the crane operator to be hit with his boom extend with out a without a conscious effort! The helmet would not prevented the outcome either, assuming that the pipe were of much weight. My heart goes out to his family.

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All thumbs on this iPhone- should have edited the above!

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Borscht, the guy who was killed was probably the one giving hand signals to the crane operator, not the operator himself.

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Impossible to know if the guy that died was the banks an or just another worker on the site. On thing is for sure, he had no right being underneath the load being lifted. Sounds like the consequences of a badly planned lift.

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Agreed. All kinds of things can go wrong with heavy machinery. And helmets can only do so much.

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Swiss Toni has it right. The area of the lift should be clear of workers, including the signalman. The hardhat would have done nothing for him, but it shows the lack of a "safety conscious" work environment. If the worker can ignore something as simple as putting his hardhat on, he can ignore the load above his head too. Poor dumb bastard R.I.P.

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