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Contaminated water leaking again from storage tanks at Fukushima plant


Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) says contaminated water was found leaking from two more storage tanks at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

A TEPCO spokesman told a news conference Tuesday that around 225 tons of radioactive water have either leaked, and/or evaporated from the two storage tanks near the No. 4 reactor, TBS reported.

The spokesman said TEPCO discovered the leak after it found the level of water held in the tank fell from 300 to 75 tons. The source of the leak has not yet been discovered. Officials also believe a lot of the water may be missing due to naturally occurring evaporation, TBS reported.

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Ah, good old TEPCO. There was a story about further leakage nearly two days ago on another site. There was also a story about American rescue workers (who were on a ship after the tsunami) who are now suffering serious radiation sickness and diseases after being exposed to a radioactive plume that dropped snow on them, but I never saw that report on this site. That would have been during Edano's 'not harmful to humans' campaign. I notice the government has stopped saying that, more or less, unless it's sales of local produce.

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Nice Xmas present from TEPCO!

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225 tons is quite a lot to seep away. Really got the smell of a rat in my nose.

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225 tons of water evaporated? It's Christmas Day, not April fool's day! It's pretty clear that, this is how TEPCO intends to solve it's contaminated water storage problems. Just let it leak out, say a few sorries and away we go again!

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Merry Christmas from TEPCO! #facepalm

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No, no, no!

This is not true!

The Fukushima problem has been solved.

There is no contaminated water.

There is no leak.

Especially, there is no leak!

Leaks are definitely, NO!

Honest Abe said so and, behold, it is so!

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They found a cheap way to eliminate radioative water by vaporizing it on the atmosfer! they say oops! The tank had a hole!

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225 tons isn't THAT much water - for pure water that's about 150 cu m, or the same size as a 6x6x4m room. It's not the end of the universe.

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225 tons is 225 cu m exactly.. Add that to to the tens of thousands tons already in the pacific, and you have an unprecedented disaster. Marine life is affected thousands of miles away from Japan. Incompetent government has turned the pacific ocean into a sewer. SHAME FOREVER SHAME JAPAN. And on top of that, they plan to restart more nukeplants. "The Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund and Tepco declined comment on the details of the plan, which needs to be approved by the government to become official, but sources said it has been worked out on the assumption that reactors at Tepco’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture will be restarted beginning in July."

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TEPCO discovered the leak after it found the level of water held in the tank fell from 300 to 225 tons.

If it fell from 300 tons to 225 tons that means 75 tons are unaccounted for.

If it fell by 300 tons to 225 tons that means over 225 tons are missing.

Which is it?

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People. THese kind of tanks always leak.

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225 tons is 225 cu m exactly.

If it's pure. Apparently I can't do simple math, gomen.

My point still stands, 225 cu m is very little.

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Let me explain. Those tanks are bolted. Not welded. With 8000 holes per tank. Hahaha

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