Controversial Kumamoto dam project approved after disaster


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Another super smart idea, untill 10 years latter it's a disaster.

"Instead of a conventional reservoir-style dam, Kabashima suggested the state will build a flood retention dam that is environmentally friendly and stores water only in the event of flooding with open outlets."

Why not ask experts? What's the best option? I hardly think an adult who's main focus is their cash cow (again) is an expert on water movement.

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If this dam was first proposed 54 years ago, it's obviously a known flood plain.

I'm reminded of the ancient Fukushima tsunami markers and 3/11.

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The houses got flooded because they were build in the wrong places, below river level and in known flood risk areas. Some actually in old river beddings.

with an ever declining population in Kumamoto there should be enough ways to find a solution without a dam. But of course that means no kickbacks.

kumamoto people of all people should know how to live in harmony with nature. A dam will most likely just mean the flooding will occur in other areas but then, we can build another dam of course

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