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Cooling device outage reported at Fukushima plant


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It should be news when TEPCO doesn't have a mishap!

They seem to have one accident everyday, so it would be a change to hear that TEPCO had a normal day for once.

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Well, the government admonished them? Woop de doo! How about you penalize them by giving us free electricity for a month? This farce just goes on and on and nothing ever gets done. The J-Gov will threaten China when they fly their planes 'close' to their offshore islets, but do nothing about these wombats poisoning the east coast of the country. I dunno which one is worse. TEPCOS inadequacies or the J-Gov's inaction.

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While the outage only last two hours and there was no danger of a runaway nuclear reaction, (sic)

That is two hours too long as far as I' m concerned.

This undamaged reactor is one of the lot that Abe, TEPCO & Co. want to put back online because they are safe.

Well. I'm not convinced!

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toxic water was LIKELY contained

admitting that radiation-polluted groundwater was flowing into the sea.

It is either contained or not LOL , We all know it is not since it is flowing into the sea, what a bunch of clowns.

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What will Japan do if it gives up nuclear energy for good. Is there any other viable alternative energy source, for such a big economy? I understand concerns about nuclear safety but I think it is too late for Japan to seek another option, since its infrastructure has been already installed that way. Fukushima plant should be restored and start to produce energy as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, steam that began appearing last week near the badly-wrecked Reactor 3 was still in evidence, the company said, admitting it was still no closer to identifying the reason for the vapor.

And the result of that steam is this:


At the beginning thay had told there weren't any changes in the level of radiations, but it was obviously impossible.

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Sorry, but my big gaijin nose can smell the BS all the way down here in Tokyo from Fukushima! Thanks Tepco for the loads and loads of BS!

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This quote has to be a mistake: Reactors 5 and 6 were not affected, although both still had fuel inside at the time of the disaster.

If they were not affected, why were they sent into cold shutdown? I know there was an almost total news blackout over Nos 4 & 5, but we did get glimpses.

Why were we getting reports in the press for months afterwards of instability and inexplainable fluctuations in the temperatures inside those reactors?

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Why aren't they making those sarcophagi any quicker ? Only one so far....stop that damn steam escaping already!! Don't want it in the sodding atmosphere!!!

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Is Mr Rat back again?

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TEPCO announced (thru the watchdog, cry@ the irony) that they are going to discharge radioactive water into the Ocean, this is "inevitable" ! Why pay for high fees for nuclear waste treatment when you can dump for free in the Ocean nearby.


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Not exposed, but 'leaked', which means the situation is far worse than what is being reported!

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They don't have a clue...

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radioactive water has been leaking since the earthquake Friday March 11th 2011.

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@zichi the lies were exposed from the beginning, but tepco keeps bungling on.

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