Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus


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Well should have thought about that before keeping all the kindergartens and daycare centers open while closing all the ES through University!

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Child care infrastructure not ready, been parked for a generation and people wonder why there’s a declining population. Add in encouraging parents to only work part-time on zero hours into the mix and we’ve arrived at the riskiest country to raise children

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It’s pretty ridiculous that Japan doesn’t know why it’s birthdate is plummeting. This is a hostile place to raise children.

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The child protection system here was already failing, and even though Japan has had three months to prepare for this the authorities have done nothing.

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Wow Japan, there's definitely a lot of problems and issues that are ill prepared for.

But I guess that's what happens when no one learns to adapt as times change or always waiting till AFTER the fact to make adjustments.

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i thought governments used problem reaction solutions to bring in their agendas not problem reaction confusion.

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Is there anyone still wondering why nobody wants to have children in this country??

Seriously and no sarcasm involved, the family concept has to be revised here...

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I have a dog, I don’t have children...uh pen pineapple apple pen.

no offense to parents. Kids are safe outside with social distancing. Old people stay home.

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“Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus”

I would think this would also apply in the case of single parents falling ill. Tokyo’s Gov Koike addresses this issue in her press conference this afternoon. I wasn’t paying full attention but I believe she said medical institutions would care for such children (as there would be a possibility they would be infected) and urged people to consult with officials in such a case. They’ve also put in place measures for people who are infected and need someone to look after disabled or elderly family. Also for those who have no visblevoptions for looking after their pets should they (the humans) be hospitalized.

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Allow me to correct my above mistake it must be Ordo Ab Choa - Order Out Of Chaos.

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People are not understanding probability here.

We may be close to peak fear when we have an article in kind of main-stream media that says "Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus".

That has a tabloid vibe if ever I heard it.

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The same thing must have happened in other countries that have had far more cases. It would be wise to ask them how they managed.

It is stating the obvious but it is reassuring to be reading about this level of problem and not about lots of deaths, food banks, or record numbers of people claiming unemployment benefit.

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Here's a seemingly stupid and unconventional idea that might just work. Families with young children should start contacting their parents and other relatives and come up with contingency plans for their kids. This may sound cheesy, but in times like these, you should really stick close and rely on more with your loved ones. A bundle of sticks is harder to break than just a single one.

There was a reason why those who were born during the Spanish Flu was known as the "Lost Generation" since there was a lot of orphans and broken families due to that pandemic. The government aside, I'm seriously praying that companies are wise and considerate enough to adapt to teleworking even for the meantime and not layoff their workers as much as possible. I don't want history books and future generations to remember kids growing up during 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic as the "Next Lost Generation." I honestly hope history doesn't repeat itself, we all know what happened a couple of decades after 1918.

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For home care, the Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control advises a patient should be looked after by only one person in each household, and that the room of an infected person should be isolated from others.

For those who live in a 1LDK, that means being isolated on the balcony..or vice-versa ??

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Um...Wouldn't it apply to ANY sickness that both parents got?

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Here's a story:

"Connecticut teacher caring for newborn while family recovers from COVID-19"

A Connecticut elementary school teacher is taking care of a newborn baby brother for one of her students as his family recovers from COVID-19.

will continue to care for the baby until the family, in quarantine inside their sub-divided house, has tested negative and is fully recovered.

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In the U.K. children with sick parents and no relative or friend to look after them are taken into care.

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I don’t understand this article. You look after your own children unless you become incapacitated or hospitalized. 99.9% of people dying from the virus are above 65 years old. There’s no reason you can’t look after your own kids while you’re sick.

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99.9% of people dying from the virus are above 65 years old. There’s no reason you can’t look after your own kids while you’re sick.

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

It seems as if you’re living in a binary world of asymptomatic:death. As if there isn’t an in between that regularly incapacitates people of all ages.

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