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Coronavirus hits schools in Japan during graduation season


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For those who cannot take the exam due to coronavirus infection, some universities will refer to their scores on standardized preliminary examinations for university applicants to decide their admissions.

Prepare for a hard 'No Thanks' to any kids who can't take the test because they have the Coronavirus. Unfortunately.

Kids have literally been studying for these since middle school and missing the test unless you're literally dying will be looked down on even if it's on a subconscious level. Also, if you've actually been diagnosed with the virus in Japan you'll probably do everything you can to keep your name out of public view. We all know how it works. Remember how kids were bullied into switching schools because they were called バイキン because they were from Fukushima? Imagine the social repercussions when you've actually had a highly contagious illness? Poor kids.

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Not Graduation season? Stupid Virus's that's just rude. As above the social perception is you got this virus on purpose.

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Japan is paying a steep price for not deciding to immediately shut down travel with China when this pandemic started.

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Shuttering a few schools and postponing graduation ceremonies is a steep price? I think Iran, Italy and South Korea are paying a steeper price. And absolutely zero countries were shutting down travel from China at the start of this so-called crisis. Smfh

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This is the area that must be protected 100%.

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Well, that's what happens when you let people off a plane or ferry without testing them or quarantining them adequately. What did they think was going to happen? They need to consider the fact that if they want to combat this effectively, school may well need to be called off for a time, not just wait until students and teachers start spreading it to do so. The key is PREVENTION. But of course, they won't, nor will they stop the brutally packed commuter trains.

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excellent opportunity for students to stay at home and have classes conducted via Skype or other online methods until it is safe - but it ain't gonna happen - this is Japan new ideas take many years and 100s of mtgs to even be considered.

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