Coronavirus pandemic brings some married couples closer: survey


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What happened to news only the other day where wives were saying they were stressed out with having their husbands at home? What happened to the increase in DV?

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The bulk of readers lap this faff up...

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And drives other apart.

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Happier couples spoke each day for an average of 140 minutes on weekdays, and 329 minutes on weekends and national holidays, while the corresponding figures for couples whose relationships had deteriorated were 88 minutes and 156 minutes.

Those are staggeringly long conversations, even for the deteriorated relationships. Mrs. Affist and I talk maybe 15 minutes a day. The telly is on a lot, and she spends the rest of her time looking at her phone and I spend my time on JT reading all of your comments. The pandemic has had no effect on our relationship.

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Yeah, closer to pulling the plug or doing a stint up river.

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No wonder, its harder to see the mistress these days!

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