Man pursues diplomatic approach in campaign to open minds to disabled

By Takaki Tominaga

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Good on him. The world needs more people like this.

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Nice to read an uplifting article, even more so in these strange times.

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Great and important mission helping those who have difficulties helping themselves.

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Hero. Shame the Olympics will be cancelled.

i have health issues that mean I have to walk an extra 200m to find a lift, if available, every time I take a train.

also many Japanese toilets are too low with no handrail.

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I take off my hat to Yamada san and the great job he is doing in raising awareness of the situation disabled people in Japan face. Yes, this country ( and indeed the world )  needs more such individuals . Much respect, sir.

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Great idea. Good guy.

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I would imagine Western nations are more aware and have made adjustments to assist their disabled than Japan and other Asian nations. Disabled driver parking tags are commonplace as are special parking for disabled, ramps to entrances of buildings for easy wheelchair access, banned smoking in workplaces, restaurants, bars, have gyms and childcare facilities at work, service dogs permitted most everywhere, sign language assistance on TV, etc. and have laws in place with stiff fines to enforce these conditions. I've only seen a smattering of these in Japan.

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Life is a precious gift. Life residing in an able-bodied person is similar to the life residing in a person with disabilities. Sacredness of life needs to be respected. Mr. Bengt Yamada is on an inspiring mission. It is a privilege to wish him and his team, strength and stamina to carry forward the noble initiative.

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Very Honorable motive, though I wonder why he's not focusing upon his Home Government more ? Access for Disabled persons isn't just a Foreign thing you know....

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Kudos to Yamada san maybe he's already doing this - if he learned what measures each of those foreign countries have taken to empower disabled people he could petition organizations here to do the same.

Japan is where he'd be most effective.

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