Volcano erupts on southwestern Japanese island


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Awesome! I recently flew back to Fukuoka via Taiwan over that island chain, which afforded an amazing view worth the price of the ticket. The local beaches are loaded with pumice, which can be used for a lot of stuff.

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A volcano on a southwestern Japan island erupted early Wednesday, sending large rocks as far as 1 kilometer from the crater, prompting the weather agency to raise its alert level.

And today's weather forcast for Suwanose Island is, light warn sea breezes from the SW, and a chance of scattered flaming red hot volcanic boulders.

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Small island, not a lot of places to hide if that volcano really gets going. I was reading up in its history and the island has been abandoned many times in the past when volcanic eruptions made it inhabitable. But people always return.

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I live on an island right next to that one. We've been getting ash dumped on us for the last few weeks. Obviously nothing like the islanders that live on Suwanose though.

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