Counseling via SNS for bullied school kids to start in FY2018


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bullied need to meet caring humans to realise that not all are bad. in person

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Which SNS's will they use?

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Great idea on paper only. I have had many Japanese confide in my over the years of all ages from early twenties to mid forties. They only do so after a substantial amount of time has passed and they consider that they can trust you and it is less embarrassing for them because you are a Gaijin and therefore outside the social circle within which they have to preserve “face”. Because of this experience I can also say there are a lot of mental health issues hiding under the public “face” many are forced to hide behind. So unless the lines are staffed by Gaijin, I cannot see this working.

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Yeah, what a great idea, NOT! Again we see Japan treating the symptoms and not addressing the cause.

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"SNS" is a Japanese expression which many English speakers do not understand. It is also easily confused with "SMS" which are one kind of text message sent to a cell phone number. The correct English for what Japanese call "SNS" is "social media", which includes Facebook and Twitter, but for Japan probably means LINE which is more prevalent, especially for school children.

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Very very good step in the right direction. Healing begins with conversation.

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An excellent idea. Can be done at low cost by people who need to work from home, but want to help kidz.

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