Couple die on Aomori fishing trip; carbon monoxide poisoning suspected


Police said Monday they are investigating the death of a man and woman who were discovered dead inside their tent near Anenuma lake in Tohoku, Aomori Prefecture, while on a smelt-fishing trip.

According to police, the couple were discovered collapsed inside their tent at around 2 p.m. Sunday.

TBS reported that the couple, identified as Naoyuki Saito, 23, a resident of Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture, and Mai Sato, 32, of Aomori Prefecture, are believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while asleep. Police found coal briquettes inside their tent.

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@2yen2 - Good catch, missed that one!

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RIP young people.

"Couple die on Aomori fishing trip; carbon monoxide poisoning suspected”

"are believed to have died from carbon dioxide poisoning while asleep."

My guess is carbon monoxide poisoning, rather than carbon dioxide poisoning.

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Evidently they did not read the package that they came in for it warns about using them to heat or fix a meal with in inclosed areas.

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Who goes camping in the middle of the winter?

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This is pretty sad, and an unfortunate wake-up call after other similar incidents where people have either died or passed out after closing windows and firing up the yakiniku grill. Personally, I wouldn't have guessed that tents were that airtight (especially with winter winds), so it's a tragic reminder for people that simpler methods like rugging up, using hot water bottles or heat pads is a far better option for beating the cold.

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They were probably cold and wanted some heat in the tent. It's sad for the loved ones they left behind, but to them, I don't think they know that they are dead. It maybe one of the best ways to go if you ask me.

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Sadly, it appears you do need a bit of elementary physics/chemistry. I honestly wouldn't have known if it weren't for the Kiwi couple I mentioned earlier....

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They burned coal inside their tent? Really???

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Gees! You don't have to be a nuclear physicist to know that when you burn briquettes in a tent they suck out all the oxygen.

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This really seems to be a uniqely Japanese problem. I know couple from New Zealand who narrowly escaped the same fate, but they were in Japan too....

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I suspect suicide too.

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To be in that part of Japan and not know the dangers of burning coal inside a tent does not add up. Sounds more like a suicide pact to me...

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How sad for them and for their families. It is a shame they seemed to have been unaware of the dangers of carbon dioxide poisoning.

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