Couple with impaired hearing considers suit over forced sterilization


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Consider? They should but justice will drag their feet until they pass away.

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My father and all his siblings were hearing impaired. All wore a hearing aid. Yet NONE of their offspring have hearing impairments- all of my siblings and cousins have great hearing. This is beyond cruel. This is downright evil.

Consider? They should but justice will drag their feet until they pass away.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen.

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In force to 1996? Wow, that shocked me.

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Goodlucktoyou: the law was but how long it was in practice is another question left unanswered in the article.

I had Japanese colleagues that are deaf, born in the 70s and have kids.

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Up to the year 1996!? I'm in shock too.

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Apparently you guys missed the article last week which explained how the Japanese government is trying to have these and related lawsuits dismissed..

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What an awful story. Tricked or forced sterilization for its citizens. Sounds like a horror movie.

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Good luck to him, he's at least got the balls to stand up to them and erect their wrong doings.

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So hearing impaired were among the forcibly sterilized victims ...this is appalling..there are many instances of HI people having kids with normal hearing ability.

I hope this couple and many more join the lawsuit and sue the s $&*t out of the government ( hopefully govt will not succee in having the lawsuits dismissed).

The trully " impaired " are the heartless LDP govt oyaji b*^&#@rds who authorised and administered this " law". This is like something Dr. Mengele would come up with. Beyond shameful.

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