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Court awards Y1.06 bil to asbestos victims


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That's what, about $58,000 each? Peanuts for a destroyed life. Typical pro-corporate settlement in Japan. Sad situation for hard-working people.

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$77,000 each actually, but still way too low.

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It was so awesome to see this on the news. Two women came flying out of the court holding their announcement banners, which such energy and the victims families and supporters burst into tears of joy. Such a long struggle. So nice to see them get a win. I cried with them.

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When the rest of the world made a complete ban on asbestos Japan waited ten years because of the harm such a ban would do to the economy. It is estimated 15,000 deaths can/will be attributed to this wait.

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Hopefully this case will get them to re-examine the smoking injuries cases just like what happened in the USA.

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Zichi, the ban on Asbestos Insulating Board (the material in question here) in the UK came into effect in 1998 with all other asbestos use banned in 1999 following more than 80,000 deaths Mesothelioma deaths attributable to its use. Currently deaths are running at 3000 or so a year and rising, due to peak somewhere around 2020.

Asbestos is ubiquitous in buildings and industry globally. Some undeveloped countries have no legislation at all and have kids working with it, cutting it, breaking it and using it with no protection at all for themselves and family when they carry the fibres home. It's everywhere so when you see a building going down, stay well clear.

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