Court halts decertification of Japanese school over student abuse


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I actually wonder how much money changed hands here. I find it extremely difficult to believe that no one else in the school was not aware of what was going on, and this one employee acted totally on his own.

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Anonymous goon. This sideways talking school do one thing say another. They obviously didnt learn a thing double the sentence!

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A padlock and a chain. Yeah guys, no worries. Carry on.

How’s this for an option? If you want to continue business, the entire student body currently enrolled in your school gets a year off all fees. Two even.

Sorted. Call me the problem solver.

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The court should probably wait until the outcome of the prosecutors investigation into the teachers actions is known.

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Final banned from practicing ever again; employee: jail time for violating student code of conduct breaking Japan Laws; student: compensation for PTSD, pain and suffering from both identities.

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Brown envelopes being moved around here.

The school should be closed immediately and all involved imprisoned.

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Stop calling it a school because it is NOT, it is a staging facility before cheap Asian labor are sold or transferred to factories farms and so on, the title school is used as a cover up to make it look legit. that's all.

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Not sure what to think about this one - the incident appears to be isolated to one Teacher, and is not endemic within the School - so why should the whole school be penalized ?

Surely that Teacher should not be allowed to work again within the Industry ?

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Hand over the guy and put him in jail. Then we'll talk.

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I find it extremely difficult to believe

What ? The fact that the teacher dragged the student of to some room and chained him to a chair for a few hours?

This is Japan .

You would rather believe your own sensational conspiracy theory instead ?

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Very well done, you can not decertify the school just because of the bad procedure of a crazy person..

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The school has admitted to restraining the student but described the behavior by its staff member as "a prank without bad intentions." The staff member in question has already resigned.

Just a little reminder for the people on here. The school did not condemn the staff's behaviour but instead called it just a prank without bad intentions.

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