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Court rejects damages claim by ex-Tokyo Disneyland performer


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According to the suit filed by the former contract worker in her 30s and her support group

Support group? For a workers compensation claim? Not to mention she was a contract worker, and sounds to me like they didnt want to recontract her and she made her claims.

Duty of care.... extend her contract until she gets better, meaning continue to pay her, while not working.

But like so many other things, there has got to be a hell of a lot more to this story!

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One point where Japan's still stuck in the middle ages, is workers protection. You go to the labor department with a claim and the first (and got the most of the rest) is give you a "muzukashii desu ne" with arms crossed and that's pretty much all they do all day.

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That’s a Goofy lawsuit.

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That’s a Goofy lawsuit.

And a Mickey Mouse verdict.

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The company is boss in Japan. Even for claims that are verified, you will only get a paltry sum at best. Japan Inc at its worst.

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Without any detzils, impossible to have any opinion, as always : original medical conditions ? How often and how long the job ? Warning before developing the syndrome ? Safety measures currently in force ?

Common causes of thoracic outlet syndrome include trauma from a car accident, repetitive injuries from a job or sport, and pregnancy. Differences in anatomy, such as having an extra or irregular rib, also can cause TOS . Sometimes the cause of thoracic outlet syndrome is not known.

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The company is boss in Japan. Even for claims that are verified, you will only get a paltry sum at best. Japan Inc at its worst.

Workers comp covers all medical expenses and will cover lost wages up to I believe it is 60% of lost wages, but it is tax free, so basically your regular pay, for the period you are out.

If there is a claim, no court in Japan is going to make someone instantly "rich" with punitive damages, unlike this other country I know of, that has a tendency to go overboard, punitively speaking.

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