Court rules defunct eugenics law unconstitutional but denies damages


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This makes no sense. Unconstitutional and their rights were infringed upon; however, there is no need for indemnification?

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Vile practice backed by a vile legal system, seems normal, not unexpected here.

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Shameless J- govt....they waste billions on everything from crony Olympic pork barrelling to overblown weapons systems to 400 million bucks on stupid Abenomask s that absolutely nobody is wearing...yet they don't want to pay 500 grand damages to elderly people with disabilities who were forcibly stepping on the weakest of the weak.

Disgusting, disgusting attitude.

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Japan is now a step closer to become a modern country.

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The sterilizations were a lifetime sentence, no limitations applied. Paying any compensation shows the government has accepted the moral argument. They should conduct an impact assessment and compensate fairly. An apology isn’t too much to ask either.

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Tragedy twice over...

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