Court rules Fukushima reactor makers not liable for 2011 disaster


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No-one is ever held accountable in Japan. No surprises here.

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Toshiba welcomed the decision.

Their first sigh of relief in quite a while?

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Yes, Toshiba's fault the plant was deluged with sea water, the electrics knocked out and the runaway reactor meltdowns. They should have expected a massive tsunami when they built the reactors.

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Thunderbird2, iris Toshiba's fault that the plant was not sufficiently protected against atsunami, even after the hard been advised to waterproof the electrical systems and to get the back up generators off the ground and into the roofs of the housings. If they had done these things there would have been no meltdown. It should also be noted that, none of the other coastal nuclear power plants have implemented these procedures either, yet they have been deemed safe for operation by the nuclear power watchdog.

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Christopher Glen: "No-one is ever held accountable in Japan. No surprises here."

Not if you're a big company, politician, or otherwise famous, no. No one should be surprised at all.

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They should have expected a massive tsunami when they built the reactors.

This may sound odd to you, but yeah, they should have expected it considering this is the coastal areas and Japan is notoriously known for their earthquakes. I think they're called "safety measures".

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Under Japanese liability law, nuclear plant providers are usually exempt from damage claims in the event of an accident, leaving operators to face legal action. What a scandal !! Just declear everything as a nuclear power plant and you don't have to care anything in Japan.

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Always comes down to who you know and how much money can be tossed around Happens here in the state's all the time But who can proves what.

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No liability for irradiation or radioactive poisoning then....

Isn't it time to ban nuclear power?

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The plaintiffs had alleged that the companies failed to make necessary safety updates to the Fukushima reactors, swamped on March 11, 2011 by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake-sparked tsunami that lead to the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986.

Safety updates are the responsibility of the operating company, overseen by the regulator.

This was a frivolous lawsuit, and it's about time Japan started lumping the makers of such lawsuits with the costs of the whole case.

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The power companies reap the financial rewards, but pass the buck on to the public when something goes wrong. Nice deal.

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Shouldn't "court" be called amakuradi?

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Shouldn't "court" be called amakuradi?

Assuming you are talking about 'amakudari', no. Amakudari is something entirely different.

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accountability likely doesn't exist in Japanese, clearly isn't used or UNDERSTOOD if it does!

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