Court rules Korean school entitled to gov't tuition-free program


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as long as assimilation is the goal, we should encourage intergration.

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Good on the court.

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This could be an overstretch, but i suspect that the Government is intentionally doing this just to stir up animosity against the Korean minorities in Japan. Most people don't know this but the minimum wage and drug laws in America were intentionally adopted to target Black people knowing exactly what results they will produce. Massively blacks were arrested because of the drug laws, and blacks were excluded from the work force and driven into forming ghettos because of the minimum wage. I suspect the Japanese government is intentionally letting the Korean schools have special privileges, not because they love Koreans so much, but because they know what would be the result of this, it will stir up animosity against them. Cunning.

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It's not special privileges. The ruling is that they can't treat the schools differently than other private schools just because of the actions of the North Korean state. A fair ruling, since most of these schools have a long history in Japan that predates the North Korean state, and the private school subsidies can be used at other types of international schools.

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