Court rules medical school must return fees after rigging exam scores


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Good!! Hammer them! Make them pay it all back and give some added punitive damages too!

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Just returning fees? Don't do this. There should be much further indemnification.

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Don't do this

No, definitely do it and

further indemnification

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Is that their only punishment?! Jesus wept.

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Lol. Did you just repeat what I said with my own words?

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I wonder if they will return the females money less 10%... just to be consistent. :)

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I really think those whose scores were manipulated down should be automatically accepted to the school in addition to a refund.

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IMO it should be refunds for everybody who took the exams. Manipulating some scores down ultimately means all scores were manipulated.

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Is that school even still legitimate?

I would think authorities would strip them of any qualifications or validity that they may have.

If not, the people in charge of making such decisions should also be held liable.

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Good, as this I'm sure changed many of the women seeking medical careers with upsetting life changer. Punishment and punitive damages should be fully sought. What is ironic is that women are still not getting their fair shake in Japan as they should. I was looking at where the root cause could be, and IMO it starts at the school entrance level. Guys are seated at the front in groups and girls are seated at the back. Why? Today is 2020 yet this outdated practice is still used today. How are women to be respected and expected to succeed when the very same school teaches that women are inferior to males. Cup of coffee, two sugars no cream.

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The refund of test fees is a given but the real issue is the harm caused to all the female applicants. They relied on the schools to act honestly and fairly in scoring the exams and processing their applications. Their lives and careers were altered and the schools must compensate them for the fraud and false representations of fair test administration. The schools must also compensate these women for the emotional distress that they suffered by being wrongly denied admittance and to have their life careers impacted

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All the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in social relations (including entrance exam) because of sex - Japan's Constitution Art 14 in its 1st sentence.

Art 41 continues to further restricts judges' arbitrary power to indemnify with punitive penalty. Why? For the 50-judges-sitting highest court of the pre-war imperialism had frequently handed down harsh judgement without any regard of equal protection of law. It is the people's job to specify punishment so that every person accused shall be treated equal. Otherwise foreigners, deprived of life or liberty, are be imposed heavier penalty, without any regard to procedure established by law. Treatment of any suspects, Japanese or not, are not equally protected despite ten articles from Art 31 to 40.

Take a look at Carlos Ghosn rightly claiming there is no protection of law or constitution, Japanese or not, men or women. He subsequently had to give up on his battle against injustice. Condemn law-makers, not him. Otherwise the nation here continues to be criticized for her lazy law by NY Times or Le Mondo. To be blamed are the law-making organ, or Parliament. Do not order lazy judges around who routinely hand down lenient penalty. Never turn a deaf ear to #MeToo First. Shiori's claims was pared down last December. The party to decide for heavier penalty belongs to voters of politicians to parliament seats. In other word, the sovereign yourself.

Congratulation on women applicants, however, whose previous-generation women have also earned court judgement that universities should reimburse them who elected not to enter after payment. I see a silver line of hope among many women winning similarly in South Korea and Taiwan. Men here are the worst or laziest kind of accomplice or bystanders respectively: Only talking, no action. No wonder Japan is like a rabbit sleeping in the hay many circles behind the back o two neighbors in the global race. Japanese women - you are the only hope left in this lazy nation.

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I have been expelled from my medical university. With only 2 months for graduation. I have a different story, in different university. But a huge injustice is clear! I never recovered from that. I will be happy if someone could take a look at my situation. Just imagine I was six years medical student, after all six years rounds, complete three final exams out of six. Left those three test only. Now the hard part. NO CREDIT POINTS or degree or even a knowledge by any official office in my academic year's experience. All six years achievements worth noting! Not to mention that I have been paid full tuition fee. Debrecen hungary. I am delivering news paper's. Full time job today.

Never went to court

I have been trying to request again and again. But they simply didn't care. The story is long and sad.

I can only send my hope that those who have been discrimination in Tokyo med university. Will be get back some of their loses. Unfortunately believe me you can't even imagine the extent of damage that inflicted to each individual. What ever money they will get, think how exactly the courts return time most? Or change their life goul destiny to the right track? All acipatient are can be someone dream job, in medicine is more evident that it must be in your heart. Since the roud is insanely difficult and long. So if someone can help me remember (I forgot) how to calculate life dream to money?

Wish all only the best


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