State of emergency takes effect in 7 more prefectures


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The latest measure is the country's fourth virus emergency, yet a man in his 50s said at the station, "The train was crowded as usual."

Pathetic non response by the hopeless Suga LDP govt, as usual just " asking izakayas to close at 8 and J- Inc to cut the number of commuters by 70%. "

Both izakayas owners and J- Inc big boys are ignoring the request. This useless govt gets hold medal for total incompetence. Embarrassment to the " developed country" sound bite. There is no other way to say it. Suga, resign and bugger off already, useless puppet.

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Good god, you would think there was a pandemic or something!

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Is reducing the footfall in dept stores and shopping malls going to make much difference?

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I'm at the closed no alcohol beach drinking alcohol, so are lots of other people,

Meanwhile a friend has just recovered from his covid /cold.

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If anyone from those 7 prefectures needs hints on how to approach the SOEs, just ask anyone from Tokyo. We've been pretty much ignoring them for months.

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Meanwhile a friend has just recovered from his covid /cold.

So relieved to hear that. How about the people he infected? How are they doing?

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So relieved to hear that. How about the people he infected? How are they doing?

they’re all fine, thanks for asking.

I’m sure you’re relieved to hear that too (or are you disappointed ?)

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Is the government going to compensate for the loss of income/earnings in the effected prefectures?

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NO LOCK DOWNS, it did NOT work in other countries, it brought hardship and killed many small businesses, the solution has been written on the wall for over a year and half now, MORE VACCINATION.

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NO LOCK DOWNS, it did NOT work in other countries

I agree to an extent. It worked in China. It's either a hard lock-down or none at all. Anything in between is utterly useless.

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It's not a State of Emergency anymore; it's simply the new normal in Japan. Basically nothing will have changed except for the fact that people can't get bladdered after a long, unproductive day at the office, which will have some inevitable consequences somewhere down the road but I'm sure J-gov will "consider" or "discuss" on what to do about that weeks after their people explode from being denied their go-to stress reliever activity. C'est la vie.

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Isn't it astonishing these f**king censors will actually go so far as to delete part of a message which mentions the best vaccines by far?

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Covid appears to be thriving nicely on the daily grind of Japanese capitalism and the ubiquitous after-work downtime fleshpots. "Woke" will needs become the watchword for the Japanese to change their MO if they want to beat this sucker, but with the "unwoke" denizens of Kasumigaseki in charge it looks like just another big dose of national ganbaru will be called for.

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Under the state of emergency, major commercial facilities such as department stores and shopping malls are being called on to limit the number of customers allowed in at the same time, in addition to restaurants and bars being barred from serving alcohol or offering karaoke and those not serving them asked to close by 8 p.m.

lol what a lousy SOE. I don’t believe this is the answer. Start finding medication to treat rather than hide from the virus and rely on vaccine that are not 100 percent effective. Not sure why they still can find pharmacy drug to prevent severe complication beats me.

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the jgovt obviously don’t look around or ride the trains but everyone in Tokyo are outside partying and going to work which is not helpful either

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So the LDP’s view that Delta is only infectious after 20:00… which has proven to be such an effective deterrent to increasing numbers of patients…is their path forward. Be safe everyone.

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