Crack, oil leak found in bullet train in 1st 'serious incident' for shinkansen


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Glad they found it before something happened. This could've been a major disaster.

Also first serious problem in 16 years? Either kudos in quality or at covering up!

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Great job staff! Hope you get a good bonus and a good boningkai! Heroes.

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Timely detection of the flaw saved a major disaster and excellent accident free reputation of Japanese railways.

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a crack was found on the steel frame

Kobe Steel, anything you'd like to confess?

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Hmmmm....  It was the "abnormal smell" that alerted them .  This train had passed the scheduled and targeted tests.  So not so sure I can agree with the sentiments expressed above.

also don't believe the N-700 uses Kobe Steel steel.

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I hope they are as concerned with safety as the obsession with timeliness.

By the way, obsession with timeliness does NOT happen with respect to finishing meetings on time.

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Sorry... confused... What connection is there between an oil leak, a dicky traction motor, and a crack?

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Bungle, the answer in Japan is usually in what is not said.

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I think sight inspection can only see things on the outside. What if the crack started from inside the motor cage and the just a minor bump cracked open it?

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