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Crew starts disembarking from virus-hit cruise ship for new quarantine

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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How about not just the crew, but also the remaining passengers (if there are still any left)?

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Not sure if this has been mentioned in other stories and comments but in the foreign press yesterday..

"Princess Cruises announces global search for best-in-class cleaning and disinfection service provider,”

I know of at least two cleaning contractors in Australia that have been approached. Princess will provide air tickets to Japan, accommodation for six days and wages to assist with cleaning the ship.

Good luck with that.

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I just can not get over the fact that the Japanese authorities did not quarantine the Japanese citizens who left the ship free to go where ever they wanted!

Whomever came up with that one should really lose their job!

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Several government officials working on the ship have themselves contracted the infection, but authorities have defended a policy of not uniformly testing those working on the vessel, arguing that medical experts have the skills to avoid infections.

Kind of self contradictory there...if Jgovt argues medical experts have the skills to avoid infection how did some of them contracted the virus then?

Lies and misinformation -the tried and tested Abe govt way.

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New quarentee! Pity about the other 2000 who's government failed them by not listening to experts!

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This gets ever more ridiculous by the day...

So they quarantine the foreign crew, but not the Japanese people who were allowed to leave and just walk directly onto public transport.

If the decision to quarantine the crew is in reaction to those Japanese people who went on to develop the virus after NOT being quarantined, why on earth aren’t those people being tracked down NOW and quarantined?

If that is a case of ‘the horse has already bolted’, then why isn’t more being done to properly track where they’ve been and make sure all those places are disinfected?

If that’s a case of ‘that would be a ridiculous amount of places - an impossible task’, then why can’t they at least make public the exact towns these people returned to so that the fellow residents can be extra careful and self quarantine if necessary.

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This whole thing is farcical, typical of the J govt govt and their bumbling, fumbling, mumbling, stumbling ways.

Everyone from that damn boat should have been held in quarrantine and tested before being released in to the general population, flights form china should have been stopped weeks ago !

Like most things in Japan handled by the j politicians, nothing is really thought through properly, considered with knowledge or intelligence, just half baked, half completed and then they leave everyone in jeopardy while they cover their own assess.

So Abe and his misfits should be held accountable for the stupidity they have shown.

Unfortunately the people of Japan will have to bare the burden once more.

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Princess will provide air tickets to Japan, accommodation for six days and wages to assist with cleaning the ship.

Accommodation for at least 14 days, surely? ;p

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NOW, I think these crews are really brave. WHY ??? WAS the proper quarintine not used

at the start of this case ???.

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I'd like to know how many of the 600 plus infected passengers were Japanese and if they are included in the numbers of infected stated for Japan be the health ministry (150plus and counting)

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as i have trying to say from day one. give all the passengers full chemical suits and send the foreigners home to their destinations and the japanese to proper hospitals. it was very wrong to make them stay on the ship and infect each other. the chemical suits should be worn by those suspected of being sick.

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Get ready for it! Abe ordered all schools in Japan to close until April!

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"if they are included in the numbers of infected stated for Japan be the health ministry (150plus and counting)"

This has been said (and re-said) on this site:

Cruise ship cases are counted SEPARATELY.

As per WHO's guidance, nothing to do with Japan's government.

1) Japan's locally infected are one thing.

2) People infected on the boat (in China, on board) are another.


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If you look at Japanese history just past 100 years , nothing much changed , we can complain and complain but things are the same.

same type of politicians started something much worse and why would be anything different

so this is what happens when people have no accountability even when they put millions of their own people through hell and continue as business as usual

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Abe is calling for the closure of all schools in Japan starting Monday. Elementary, junuior-high, HS... all schools in the entire country. No BS.

Already all of Hokkaido and Osaka independantly announce this today, so Abe is now just covering his buttocks by jumping on the (already departed) bandwagon.

You can probably read all about it tomorrow, but this situation is reapidly detiorating.

The J-gov knows there is now widespread communal spread, but their lack of proper testing only makes people believe that its not so bad.

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Some of you comment that j govt needs to test everyone in the ship 14 days ago myself included

my question is if they can’t handle 3700 people How they going to deal with over 100 million ?

its ok. Take your time. Let it sink in a minute take a deep breath, here is cold water , let me cool you with a hand fan, let me give it an encouraging but hopeless smile

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