Crown prince, princess celebrate 25th wedding anniversary


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Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako..... Stunning no more no less....

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Good luck to the pair of them. But I’d no more consider them ‘stunning’ than I would a tulip....

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I use the abjective stunning bcause I admire unequivocally Prince Naruhito proven devotion to Crown Princess Masako....

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No intent to offend at all. All devotion between people is lovely.

And so are tulips.... : )

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Nice suit on crown prince, looks like silk? Silk tie. I wouldn't change places.

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Even in the 21st century the language in the article places the burden of bearing a son on the woman. So archaic when we all know the gender-determining chromosomes are carried by the sperm not the egg. And, if I may digress slightly, if the royal and imperial houses elsewhere are anything to go by, where the role has fallen to women or crown princesses, they seem to have held up and performed admirably.

Congratulations to the couple on this milestone in their lives and their example of devotion to each other in spite of the challenges inherent in their marriage. I life under the public microscope is nothing to be wished for.

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y Prince Naruhito proven devotion to Crown Princess Masako....

He did promise to protect her from the palace staf and the relentless J media. Arguably he didn't do either. Masako sacrificed a lot in her sense of duty. Devotion, he should have pushed back more. Standing quietly by while millions (including elected officials) blame your wife for not concieving a son, that's not devotion, it's wilting.

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Happy 25th! Wishing you 25 more happy years together!!!

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