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Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity


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"Malaysia’s example can be a model for the international society...."

Somehow I think if other countries, particularly Western ones, enshrined affirmative action for their majority in their constitutions - as Malaysia has done - it would cause a massive uproar.

I find it staggering that anyone would see that country as "progressive."

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Yes, affirmative action for the majority, weak and faulty democratic institutions, politicisation of the judicial system, religious-based laws, different laws for different religious groups, a lack of freedom of choice in religion, and preservation of ethnic and religious differences rather than promotion of integration and synthesis. While Malaysia has some great qualities, it also has some serious unaddressed issues. Normally I am a fan of the CP's subtly pitched comments on various topics, but I think he has missed the mark here. No doubt wanting to be polite to his hosts but he could have said less.

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Malaysia is one of the worst countries in the world to look to as a model. It's government is comically corrupt and it's entire social structure is based on race and religion and divided along those racial and religious lines. This is an extremely worrying comment from the Crown Prince

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Why don't you go to Europe or come to America, the so called melting pot! Come see how many problems they have! From trying to build a wall to banning people from multiple countries, to mass protests by minorities about injustice and racism.

Japan already is an Island nation with Limited Space! We don't need any more people!

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Japan already is an Island nation with Limited Space! We don't need any more people!

Japan has plenty of space outside the major cities. No matter the amount of space available housing companies due to greed will always squeeze as many small cubicles called homes as possible to make as much money as possible. The value of Japanese house are not worth the amount they are sold for. The houses are like kei jidousha, fanciful thats all.

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Maybe the Emperor shouldn't abdicate – his son may not be up to the task.

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"By 2050 the country will need about 30 million immigrant labour"

Or 30 million robots

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Malaysia has racist laws that discriminate against non-Malays and other laws that restrict the freedom to choose ones religion. The society may be diverse but it's not a good example for others.

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@dcog9065 mind sharing with us which multiracial country in the world can be the best example for Japan? @scrote could you please elaborate further on which law discriminate against the non-Malays? I believe the restriction on choosing on religion only applicable on the Muslims. not affecting the non-Muslims.

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Yes royalty can talk, and it sounds different from politicians.

Do we really like diversity?

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What?!?! Dude, despite their faults, but Western countries like the US, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, etc etc (just to name a few) would be the world's role models for diversity. Even Singapore is a better role model than Malaysia. The Malaysian political system is dependent on ethnic and religious factors. The same kind of factor that Imperial Japan used to garner support from the ethnic Malays at the expense of the ethnic Chinese in Malaysia decades ago.

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Naive to the extreme, CP.

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tempoyak: All of the Malaysian laws that give preferences to "bumiputra" are racist. Also, all "bumiputra" are assumed to be muslim and cannot change their religion, so that's also a racially-based law.

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I believe the crown prince was speaking to Abe and his ilk when saying diversity and tolerance are good. That he is going to Malaysia was just a convenient excuse for him to say that. The reality in Malaysia might be very different but the crown prince wasn't talking about Malaysia; he was lecturing Trump's golfing buddy.

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Malaysia history was not that 'Co-existed' during the 1960s, when the Chinese and Malays fought each other that finally has lead to the independence of Singapore! Part of the reasons why the present Malaysia having a coexistence was due to the poliitical ground work laid by the British colonial rule that either party :The Malays, the Chinese, the Indians refrained to destroy the society that wasnt their own interest!

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He is correct. Malaysia is both a soup and a tossed salad. A cluster of different cultures, political ideas, religions, races! Malaysia continuously improves its own ability to sustain such diversity. It doesn't try to be perfect, nor absolute.

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****Regarding the royal family, the gov't should allow Emperor Akihito to step down without all the red tape taking into consideration his declining health. But since Crown Prince Naruhito's wife has made it clear she has no intention of fulfilling her role along side her husband regarding her duties, his brother should take over as he has a very willing & capable wife. Prince Naruhito should not have to continue to fulfill his duties all alone. He & his wife should get a divorce so that they both can get on with their lives. There is no reason to continue this charade. Life is too short & precious to be unhappy. I have never been to Malaysia so I can not comment on their culture or their acceptance of other races. However having visited Japan many times I can say that there are still a lot of Japanese that do not genuinely accept people who have not lived there all their lives. I was born in Japan & is pure Japanese by blood but since I left when I was very young, I am frequently told quite candidly that I am a "gaijin". Luckily this most recent time (I just got back from visiting Japan) it was a much more pleasant experience.

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He is telling to Abe? Glad he is talking now. Do you all people realize, as soon as he become Emperor, he can not say anything related to any single small politics? let us hear while he has freedom of speech yet.

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Generally Monarchy are out of touch, Globally speaking, with their peoples. So ignore the old chap, and deal with the present situation in hand.

Malayisa is a more moderate Muslim state, but has some issue that still need to be discussed.

Within the region however. Indonesia is an Islamic state and should be completely obliterated due to its intolerance of non-Muslims, after both the ISIS group, and Pakistan have been dealt with.

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