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Crown prince says he will model himself after his father as emperor

By Elaine Lies

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Happy Birthday to the Prince! I believe he will be like his father and will be a fine Emperor for Japan!

The last time an emperor abdicated was in 1817 and current law does not allow it.

Just because you repeat something enough times does not make it a fact!

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Photos of the family released to commemorate Naruhito’s birthday show him sitting formally with Masako and Aiko, who appears to be very thin

That's an understatement, Aiko looks like a skeleton in the photos released today..

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It's a matter of Patrilineality, not whether its allowed or not Matrilineality would herald unimaginable change. Womenomics will be much more than a soundbite.

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I hope he gets the chance while his father is still alive.

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show him sitting formally with Masako and Aiko, who appears to be very thin

Thin?? I would say emaciated

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Happy Birthday Crown Prince Naruhito !

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Crown Prince Naruhito behaviour is like an English gentleman modest--so Japan is lucky to have him as the next emperor ! m

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Happy Birthday. Future Emperor!

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2017 and still people venerating kings and emperors...?

Well, I admit there are people voting for Trump too!

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Hopefully all progresses well... as for any weight concerns: chanko nabe.

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Should He not model himself as the longest Imperial in history. Most Isolated, as is obviliuos by geology, or else.

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Happy Birthday! And I also wish good health to all. Japan is really more our home now than America. Even though not living here permanently now. We always wish the best for Japan.

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