Crown Prince Naruhito poses for a photograph with Crown Princess Masako, left, and Princess Aiko at the Togu Palace in Tokyo. Photo: Imperial Household Agency of Japan via AP

Crown Prince turns 58; vows 'self-improvement' ahead of accession


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"I think she will continue to make efforts toward a recovery while taking heed of her health condition," adding, "As for public activities, I want her to build up efforts, performing what she can one by one."

First step; get rid of the people who run(control) your lives in the IHA! I'll bet she would recover in a heartbeat!

Special legislation had to be worked out by the parliament for him to relinquish the throne as the Imperial House Law lacks a provision on the emperor's abdication.

This was such a waste of time and money! BTW, it's not the parliament either, it's the Diet, and there was no need for them to enact a "one-time" law here, other than these politicians wanting to get in on the action and feel important.

The Imperial House Law had no provision, which means, just because there was no "law" does not mean something can not occur! It's not criminal law. Absence of something does not mean something can not occur!

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His first official act as Emperor should be to remodel the pegboard room

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Japan's Constitution states that the emperor shall be the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people.

But not their slave though.

First step; get rid of the people who run(control) your lives in the IHA!

Exactly! If the symbol of Japan has his life run by others, what does that say about Japan and its people?

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These poor people, lives run by the IHA who are appointed due to their fathers doing the same job, making life miserable for innocent people. They should flee better to die a lion than live as a sheep.

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Happy birthday greetings to Crown Prince Naruhito on his 58 th Birthday today from all Indian friends and wellwishers of Japan.

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Life long “Self Improvement “ may just be the right message for the country in general as it finds its self in an ever obvious state of stagnation. Going through the motions and ‘labor theatre’ as it was cleverly put by a J today poster a while ago is killing the possibility of progress. How many of your Japanese colleagues would you say have a pervading sense of ‘’wanting to get better’, ever shedding old outdated ways or striving to be the best as their modus operandi?

The fact act that he feels he has to bring up his wife’s depression publicly though doesn’t seem to be something that would help someone struggling. Wonder if he asked her first? Maybe that could be one of the first steps of his self improvement. Truely hope they become figureheads that can inspire the nation though. Keep it real , drop the grandiose illusions and you will connect to a whole new generation.

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I so hope he pulls a hail mary when he is Emperor like fathering a son with his wife or setting the way for his daughter to become the first Empress possibly ever in Japan.

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Good to see Masako looking genuinely happy.

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setting the way for his daughter to become the first Empress possibly ever in Japan...

It will happen - soon or later - if not his daughter then somebody else.

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Has he read Tony Robbins for self improvement?

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Hmm... I hope he doesnt mean listen to the Right wingers who charge around the place in their banner waving buses shouting at the local Embassies....

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