Crown princess makes 1st solo official duty outing in 3 years


Crown Princess Masako visited a Tokyo department store Tuesday to observe an exhibition, performing solo official duties outside the imperial or crown prince's palaces for the first time in three years.

A smiling Masako, 45, wearing a white high-necked sweater, beige trouser suit and pearl necklace, toured an exhibition at the Shinjuku outlet of Keio Department Store Co in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward on daily living-related goods invented by housewives.

Masako listened as her attendant explained the exhibited items, ranging from a butter-maker to a device to help disabled people write.

It was her first solo public duty outing since March 2006 when she paid a visit to the pediatric medical center at St Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. Masako has skipped most public duties over the past five years, although she has attended several public functions with her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito.

Masako, a former career diplomat, has been under intense pressure to bear a son under Japan's male-only royal succession law.

Masako and Naruhito have one child, seven-year-old Princess Aiko, while his younger brother has a two-year-old boy, the first prince born to the royal family in 40 years.

In a sign of her recovery, the princess this year played a full part in the traditional New Year greetings at the palace in central Tokyo, before tens of thousands of well-wishers.

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I really do feel for her.

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Otsukaresama deshita - a small step in the thousand ri journey to a full recovery - even if it was a glorified shopping trip.

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I feel sorry for her. I wish they could be more like the British royals and give them some independence. Maybe teh British have scandals, but that's reality not enforced living in the Imperial Palace with out dated rules.

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This is really sad. Smart as a whip girl marries into the family and is completely shut down. She needs to get away.

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Nice news :)

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She needs a divorce....

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This 'you must produce a male heir' pressure harks back to the time of Henry VIII in the 1500's. At least you aren't allowed to behead your wife for not having a boy these days.

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At a time of recession Princess Masako is doing the right thing by shopping and smiling = everything is OK!

See you at Sakura.

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I hope she enjoyed herself. Beats being cooped up all the time.

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T-Gas: "smart as a whip..."

perhaps that is why she was introduced to a "butter-maker." Quiet subtext being 'replaceable.'

We all know she is brilliant, but j-societal nonsensically locked in place. For the story to even headline 'a solo official outing' is just adding to the sickness of how she 'is' allowed to be perceived.

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-So you are saying she is trading one illness (depression) for another (shopping).

This is Japan, many will gladly take that trade! (Masako was smarter than I thought)

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I wish the whole Family was non existent. Waste of tax payer money.

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