Crown princess respects 'as much as possible' her daughter's feelings on postponed marriage


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"I have spent the past year worrying about the difficulties and hardships that many people are going through," and I'm going to donate the ¥150 million yen my daughter has renounced, and sell off my jewelry and etc in order to help out all those poor subjects that I'm so concerned about.

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Crown Princess Kiko, on the occasion of her 55th birthday on Saturday, said she wants to "respect as much as possible"

News flash, it’s your daughter. As a parent (not a political tool) she should respect and support her daughter after all she did teach her?…..well maybe not. Totally dysfunctional family. The sooner she can get out the better.

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Everything that comes out of their mouths in public has to be checked by the agency first. Hell, I bet it was the agency who wrote those words.

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Elope, get it over with. You will be much happier.

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This poor girl and the man she is set on marrying this year have been put through the ringer. Why? Because his mother has an outstanding debt that has absolutely nothing to do with him other than by association. Since she is not having a tax payer wedding, give the girl the money as she held from holding a public job as a princess over the years to earn her own. Really, she at least deserves the money that all princesses get, and so, she can start her new life comfortably and safely.

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Bahhhbsho cares these folks r useless and living off our taxes

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4M is pocket change for them. They probably spend that much on wagyu over a month. Why is this even an issue?

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will likely decline a lump-sum payment of up to about 150 million yen

Going to take a lot of billable hours to make up that sum.

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She has legal right to live in America

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What must it be like to live in a fish tank with one's entire life a matter of public discussion and ancient and archaic RULES plaguing every possibility of 'freedom' to make one's own decisions and mistakes...? For some trapped in familial monarchy the rules may be loosened by 'secrecy' and averted glances (e.g. Randy Andy) but certainly NOT in the Royal Family of Nihon for whom HONOR is a supreme value. But, for a person with only one life, it is a prison in many ways even more brutal and life-killing than Ayalon in Palestine. For whatever 'advantages' the less intellectually gifted may see in 'royalty', for the individuals trapped in the Nihonsei version, 'freedom' is a fantasy and life a burden in which even the love of Botany cannot provide relief and only 'red headed step children' may have the strength to attempt to escape it. Mako-sama is not such a person and she and her 'prince' are enduring much and their union must be strong to withstand the public scrutiny and abuse which the ignorant are so free in sharing. Good luck to these young people and may they finally, at some point, live together in peace and quiet and, privately, create their family and their own happiness. And for the Harpys, it's none of your damned business, just shut up!

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Amid public unease about the couple's marriage, '.........

What public unease. More like Palace unease, or specifically Crown Princess Kiko unease.

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