Data on 750,000 JAL mileage club members leaked


Company representatives from Japan Airlines (JAL) say that information on over 750,000 mileage plus members was compromised after a virus infected their computers.

A JAL spokesperson told a news conference the virus leaked members' birthdays, place of employment and mailing address, TV Asahi reported Thursday. Officials from JAL believe that the information may have been leaked to a server in Hong Kong. However, they also confirmed that the hackers had not received data regarding passwords or credit card numbers, and that the hackers did not obtain fraudulent use of the members' accumulated frequent flyer miles.

The virus allegedly came from an outside source and infected 12 of JAL's in-house computer terminals linked to the mileage program. JAL said it is planning on submitting an official damage report to police.

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My miles are still there, hope it stays that way :)

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I'll say it again, Japan has the weakest grasp on data security

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Thank god they don't store photos of nude customers!

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Why JAL can't stay out of trouble while ANA can manage to stay relatively trouble free? Why do I get the feeling that someone at JAL is now asking the same question :-)

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I have a card for JAL mileage but I've never used it... thankfully.

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With all these various data leaks, should anyone trust their data to bigger and bigger data collection systems?

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Fully agree with "gogogo"! Considering internet security in Japan ... maybe so-called 3rd world countries are better off. Another area where Japanese can learn from (at least some parts of) the rest of the world.

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I am personally furious about this, as I have tried my best to stay faithful to JAL throughout my travels even when cheaper options are available. They can keep my mileage, I don't want it any more.

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JAL said it is planning on submitting an official damage report to police.

Ummm, I would have assumed that this would have been standard procedure hence my confusion as to why this was even mentioned in a press release. They could have easily have said "We are going to reboot our computers and run a virus scan." That would have being an equivalent, idiotic statement to make to the press. Computer security in this country is a joke.

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