Death of NHK female reporter in 2013 caused by overwork: broadcaster


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What's the point of reporting this years later?

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To highlight that this is a problem of epidemic proportions and that it not only is leading to unhappy people with decreasing birthrates while dealing with low wages in a supposedly economically successful country, it actually leads to real people dying.

Managers with out managerial skill, totally unrealistic deadlines, very odd ideas about how simply being in the office is a good thing when sales are low in a month, even though there isn't anything specifically that being there can assist. There are real issues that need attention, they are leading to economic stagnation and a lack of well being for the overwhelmingly good people of this country.

Covering Japanese elections, not to sound too trite, but;

Hi.. reporting from Tokyo, same bunch of mostly old out of touch ineffective people are running for an election, this time some have moved to different parties but in all honesty doesn't matter too much which of the main two parties get in, it will be more or less of the same. Some stupid old man will say something he will have to apologise for while clearly no believing it, there will be some backwards looking rose tinted glasses revisionism which will annoy the countries we should be working with, there will be annoying loud vans driving around because clearly being visible is more important than actually having any real policy, the cabinet will be shuffled several times shortly after the election, but hey some are the family of famous people, and previous politicians and sometimes they are on variety shows.

That just about covers it I would say.

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Sadness for the family and rest in peace to Ms Sado. I think it's time workers demand their rights under the law. If the deaths of Sado and Takahashi (plus many others) is to mean anything, workers must stop giving away their talents for free (sabisu zangyo) and More Importantly, the government should enforce their own laws Consistently and Frequently.

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That's why I take the whole 20 days of paid leave I'm entitled to in my contract, regardless of the bs I have to put with my co-workers and bosses. Because the way they put it, "it is not fair (for them)" that I used those days to go and have fun when the only way and if they use them is they are sick.

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It took 4 years to admit they killed a staff member, meanwhile no change Shogani gambatte lets work until suicide is preferable to actually having a life.

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On why it had taken more than three years to make the case public, Yamauchi said the broadcaster took into account the wishes of her family, who said they wanted to ensure such an incident never happens again.

I am hopeful one day I will understand Japan Inc logics.

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Japan sees its work problems like America sees its gun problems..too big and too ingrained in current societies in order to make a meaningful change.

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"Yarisugi" (overdoing things), the bane and blight of life in Japan, appears to be the unfortunate consequence of an over-serious approach of the Japanese to accomplishing a task married to blind, unthinking impetuosity (an egregious example might be the bizarre attack on Pearl Harbor!). Life for the Japanese people could be so much pleasanter if they would only learn to take life easy (it's so short) and enjoy more recreation time, but when will they ever learn?

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Yet another one. But are people demanding their rights? Demanding change? Of course not! Shouganai... Everyone is at their workstations right now, looking as busy and important as possible. Do they really care about their fellow countrymen that are in these dire situations and, in their own way, pleading for help? Apparently not...

Until the workforce starts showing some grit by uniting, walking out, strikes, industrial action of some resemblance - nothing (NOTHING) will change through the kindness of Japan Inc alone. Instead of some opportunistic types capitalizing off such a thing *by being one of the few that diligently stays at his/her post during such a 'crisis' - prove that you are able to collectively think (instead of simply being herded) and stand by your colleagues.

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One company I worked for tried to get people to stop working so hard for about a year. It was really nice. But it didn't last. It was back to vouchers for cabs because the last train was long gone.

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NHK said it kept track of her working hours through personal statements and time cards but acknowledged there were areas requiring improvement.

Improvement? Jezus, you guys worked a girl to death and you think some areas need improvement. Ill tell you how to improve, fire the upper management and everyone that has let it come to this. bah

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Miwa Sado, who belonged to the broadcaster's center in Tokyo, worked 159 hours of overtime with only two days off in the one-month period prior to her death as a result of congestive heart failure in July 2013

A 31 year old woman dying of congestive heart failure because of overwork?? Are you kidding me?? This is murder. Pure and simple.

NHK said it kept track of her working hours through personal statements and time cards but acknowledged there were areas requiring improvement.

Ya think???

Dentsu is also on trial for labor practice violations, with a ruling set to be handed down on Friday by a Tokyo court.

So what EXACTLY is going to happen to Dentsu and NHK because of the deaths of these women? What fine or penalty will be levied on them? Nothing. Same old same old. Time to boot the LDP and their Muppet Abe out and put someone in who will actually do something about this. The NHK is in bed with the LDP. As long as the LDP is in power, karoshi will be standard operating procedure. Enough is enough.


That just about covers it I would say.

Brilliantly so! Hat off to you sir!!

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I'm yet to understand why these companies need their staff to work in excess of 100 overtime hours per month. Doing that much overtime is the equivalent of doing 7 weeks work in a month at 8 hours per day. This case is a good example of the fault in the working practices. The other cases have been related to production scheduling and deadlines. However, in this case, she was reporter who was in charge of reporting on the government. Her deadlines and responsibilities were to get the information into the news. This tells you that, she was doing the work of two or three people. It's all well and good to blame a labor shortage for this, but it has been going on for decades, long before the labor shortage. It's very easy to build a large economy when you have a single worker doing the work of three or four people. It doesn't matter if it kills them as long as Japan Inc. is thriving.

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A major contributory factor is the inability to delegate or share authority and responsibility for work or projects to other staff, leading to client-facing, agency-facing or supervisory staff working all of these hours. This is the same reason that many don’t take vacation; they don’t trust or believe that their colleagues or other staff can work without them. Big change in attitude needed,

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So sad, 2 young women died to feed the corporate greed of Japan Inc. Disgusting actually. If one of them had been my daughter, I would have raised merry hell.

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So where are the Labor Unions in Japan??

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I feel so lucky to enjoy a nice work schedule and feel guilty and sorry that so many suffer with this miserable Japanese problem. If the Japanese could learn to enjoy life and family, and the concept of efficiency, Japan would be a paradise. For too many, it's a hell on earth.

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Tavi Cosma

where are the Labor Unions in Japan??

Japanese Labor Unions are essentially in bed with the companies they work for, they claim that unions and employers share a special relationship that enables workers to get decent conditions whilst not infringing on employer’s ability to make a profit.

In short most are probably corrupt and not looking out for their members and the ones that aren’t are too scared to strike.

I think there have even been cases of union members getting jobs in upper management roles within companies and they claim it gives them a better voice and representation, where I come from they call it corruption and a conflict of interest.

Some of the smaller more militant unions do legitimate good work for their members but Japanese workplace laws are quite archaic not just in regards to overtime but also, bullying, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Also good luck if you’re a foreigner too as only Japanese citizens are entitled to anti-discrimination laws.

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Its not just Japanese Companies doing this, but Foreign ones too here in Japan

I have both personally experienced, and observed the same thing being done - but you cant say anything for fear of being blacklisted.. which sadly has happened to me.

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worked 159 hours of overtime with only two days off in the one-month period prior to her death as a result of congestive heart failure in July 2013.

Assuming a 40 hr week that only averages 80hrs per week - a lot of Real Estate agents work that on a regular basis around the world. With what information we have here she seems to have advanced coronary disease with the long hours worked being the trigger that caused her death.

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